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Jun 21, 2017
1 day 15 hours the Snowpack xml file has been updated to the new syntax (as well as a new filter).
Commit 218, by Mathias Bavay
May 2, 2017
1 month 20 days Updating the snowpack_config file to reflect the new key COMB_THRESH_L. It's currently commented out because it is not displayed properly.
Commit 217, by Nander Wever
Apr 13, 2017
2 months 9 days Introducing the key to control enabling/disabling of VapourTransport.
Commit 216, by Nander Wever
Apr 12, 2017
2 months 10 days The Canopy configuration keys were missing, adding them (in SnowpackAdvanced)
Commit 215, by Mathias Bavay
Mar 29, 2017
2 months 24 days Getting-started, fixed invalid reference to the old web site
Mar 23, 2017
2 months 30 days Adapting the snowpack_config.xml for the new POLAR variant.
Commit 214, by Nander Wever
Mar 14, 2017
3 months 8 days Correcting default setting for preferential flow.
Commit 213, by Nander Wever
Mar 13, 2017
3 months 9 days (1) Introduce setting of the averaging method for hydraulic conductivity using inishell for SNOWPACK and (2) introducing the new parameters and settings for the dual domain approach in SNOWPACK as of todays commits.
Commit 212, by Nander Wever
Mar 9, 2017
3 months 13 days Improved descriptions for Richards equation and preferential flow.
Commit 211, by Nander Wever
Mar 8, 2017
3 months 14 days Adding the NIED new snow density parameterisation as a choice.
Commit 210, by Nander Wever
3 months 14 days Unfortunatelly, section names are case sensitive... So far, no nice fix but at list a debug output that should help remember that this could be the case when encountering this limitation. Otherwise, moving the data creators to the [Input] section and
Commit 209, by Mathias Bavay
3 months 14 days Preventing the choice of WATERTRANSPORTMODEL_SOIL=NIED, something that is not implemented. See SNOWPACK issue 598 (
Commit 208, by Nander Wever
Mar 7, 2017
3 months 15 days Adding the option for parameter av in the NIED albedo scheme.
Commit 207, by Nander Wever
Feb 20, 2017
4 months 2 days Slightly improved explanation for ENFORCED_SNOW_HEIGHT and the radiation input modes
Commit 206, by Mathias Bavay
Jan 12, 2017
5 months 10 days Added the "enable_resampling" key
Commit 205, by Mathias Bavay
Aug 25, 2016
9 months 28 days Better launch script: it can be started from any directory and looks for inishell.jar relative to itself
Commit 204, by Mathias Bavay
Aug 15, 2016
10 months 7 days I may have messed up with previous commits but I think this does cover our file type choices correctly in the input and output sections.
Commit 203, by Charles Fierz
Aug 8, 2016
10 months 14 days Introducing the necessary keys to use preferential flow.
Commit 202, by Nander Wever
Aug 5, 2016
10 months 17 days Changing the schema so the min/max values are now read as double. When an out of range value is given, an error message is given in a pop-up window.
Commit 201, by Mathias Bavay
10 months 17 days changed the minimum value in CALCULATION_STEP_LENGTH to 1s (0.015 min)
Commit 200, by Mathias Bavay

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