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Distributed alpine surface processes model

Labels: Field:Snow_cover , Field:Hydrology , Field:Downscaling , Dimensions:3D , License:GPL


Converter for Campbell Scientific binary files, versions tob1, tob2 and tob3

Labels: License:GPL , Field:Measurements


A dynamic graphical interface to generate INI files

Labels: License:GPL , UI:GUI


C++ I/O library for easy use of meteorological data in numerical simulations

Labels: Field:Downscaling , License:GPL , Field:Measurements


Snow profile interactive edition/visualization

Labels: License:GPL , Field:Measurements , UI:GUI , Field:Snow_physics


SNOWPACK model as a library

Labels: Field:Snow_cover , License:GPL , Dimensions:1D


Alpine hydro-thermal response model

Labels: Field:Snow_cover , Field:Hydrology , License:GPL

Documentation server

This gives you an online access to some of the html documentation that is provided with each project in its current stable release. If you installed a given project on your system, this documentation should already be available on your local system. The (optional) second link provides the documentation for the development version, that is for the version not yet released as stable version.

You can perform full text search into the documentation simply by adding site:models.slf.ch/docserver to the search query into the search engine that you use.

Continuous integration

Several of the projects hosted on this forge are automatically tested every night for regression. You can have a look at the results of these tests on the dashboard.

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