Here is a list of all modules:
 Data classesDocumentation for available data classes
 Data processing elementsDocumentation for available data processing components. These can be used on incoming meteorological data. See Available data processing elements
 Graphical elements and operationsDocumentation for available classes and methods for dealing with graphical elements, color conversions, etc
 IO pluginsDocumentation for available IO plugins. Please consider having a look at the Available plugins and usage page and the How to write a Plugin page
 Meteorological LawsDocumentation for meteorological laws and constants
 ParametrizationsDocumentation for available parametrizations components that compute given parameters from other parameters. These are used for DataCreator and DataGenerator
 Spatial interpolationsDocumentation for available spatial interpolations algorithms components that compute the spatial distribution of a given parameter. These are mostly wrappers around 2D interpolations
 Statistical calculationsDocumentation for available statistical calculations. This is heavily used by the Available data processing elements as well as the 1D interpolations and 2D interpolations