Alpine3D Svn Change Log

Age Message
11 days 15 hours The check to decide if the snow preparation should be performed or not was never called..
Commit 511, by Mathias Bavay
4 months 22 days The technical snow module was not properly setup for parallel computation (wrong start and end indices)
Commit 510, by Mathias Bavay
4 months 29 days In the Simple terrain radiation model, the local albedo is now computed as the average of nine cells instead of only the actuall cell
Commit 509, by Mathias Bavay
5 months 1 day Fixed missing POI in MPI simulations
Commit 508, by Adrien Michel
6 months 15 days Clearer code to generate the TSOIL indices. Renammed some "i" variables into "ii" so searching them returns meaningful results...
Commit 507, by Mathias Bavay
7 months 27 days Typo.
Commit 506, by Nander Wever
7 months 29 days The TechSnow class was conflicting with the one from Snowpack (newly developed). It has therefore been renammed as TechSNowA3D (thanks Nander!).
Commit 505, by Mathias Bavay
8 months 10 days Cosmetics.
Commit 504, by Nander Wever
8 months 24 days Fixing indentation.
Commit 503, by Nander Wever
8 months 24 days Corrected POI writing and indent issue
Commit 502, by Adrien Michel
8 months 28 days Silenced compilation warnings
Commit 501, by Adrien Michel
9 months 4 days Silencing gcc compiler warning.
Commit 500, by Nander Wever
9 months 4 days Bug fixes for lateral flow, and making it work with the new OpenMP slicing.
Commit 499, by Nander Wever
10 months 7 days Implemented new OpenMP slicing, few other corrections
Commit 498, by Adrien Michel
10 months 16 days Resolving compiling errors and a compiler warning (gcc).
Commit 497, by Nander Wever
10 months 19 days Cosmetic touch-up
Commit 496, by Mathias Bavay
10 months 19 days Added new OMP control namespace (not a class! we only need two main function and no inner class structure), not implemented yet in the rest of the model
Commit 495, by Adrien Michel
10 months 19 days Tunned MPI smart splitting to handle situation where MPI instances is close to numbers of columns in DEM, added documentation
Commit 494, by Adrien Michel
10 months 24 days changed
Commit 493, by Pirmin Ebner
10 months 26 days Better search strategies. In TechSnow, the dates handling should now be right.
Commit 492, by Mathias Bavay
10 months 29 days TechSnow should now work
Commit 491, by Pirmin Ebner
10 months 30 days Using mio::wetBulbTemperature() instead of an own implementation
Commit 490, by Mathias Bavay
10 months 30 days Beautifying the TechSnow module (using Date objects, preventing re-reading a Config from file at every timestep, etc)
Commit 489, by Mathias Bavay
10 months 30 days changed that the ini-file will be read only once
Commit 488, by Pirmin Ebner
11 months 16 days Fixed a wrong call to clear() that was leading to crashes
Commit 487, by Mathias Bavay

Revision: HEAD