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Sep 25, 2017
1 month 29 days Fixed a documentation bug as well as an OpenMP call that was not protected by #ifdef
Commit 434, by Mathias Bavay
Sep 22, 2017
2 months 1 day A quite severe performance issue has been found (after weeks and weeks of tedious debugging): for large simulations running multithreaded (ie OpenMP), the SnowStation data (that is a large array, common to all threads) was written column-major while
Commit 433, by Mathias Bavay
Sep 15, 2017
2 months 8 days In order to generate less data copies, more methods have been defined to directly return the requested data (so it can be assigned to a const variable on the receiving end). The script has been adapted to the slurm job manager (the MPI part ha
Commit 432, by Mathias Bavay
Sep 8, 2017
2 months 15 days small code cleanup
Commit 431, by Mathias Bavay
Sep 1, 2017
2 months 22 days An compiler option was not supported by some versions of gcc, it is now properly tested for the version number
Commit 430, by Mathias Bavay
Aug 29, 2017
2 months 25 days Now the coverage tests should produce the same results as the other tests (ie they are compiled with the same options)
Commit 429, by Mathias Bavay
Aug 17, 2017
3 months 6 days Getting-started, Mentioning Snowpack's user directory installation documentation
3 months 6 days Added a section on how to install Alpine3D
Commit 428, by Mathias Bavay
Jul 28, 2017
3 months 26 days The latest differences in the automatic tests were actually legitimate (the handling of measured rswr for parametrizing ilwr has actually been improved in MeteoIO). Therefore, changing the reference results.
Commit 427, by Mathias Bavay
Jul 26, 2017
3 months 27 days For the moment, reverting back to the old AllSky generator behavior
Commit 426, by Mathias Bavay
Jul 21, 2017
4 months 1 day Latest changes in MeteoIO's syntax
Commit 425, by Mathias Bavay
Jul 3, 2017
4 months 20 days oups, I forgot to add the new SnGrids parameters...
Commit 424, by Mathias Bavay
Jun 28, 2017
4 months 25 days When doing restarts, it is specially important to set the "EXPERIMENT_NAME" key. This is now mandatory and documented.
Commit 423, by Mathias Bavay
4 months 25 days It is now possible to request gridded outputs of (see documentation): - the snow temperature at a given depth; - the average snow temperature until a given depth; - the average snow density until a given depth.
Commit 422, by Mathias Bavay
4 months 26 days For the avalanche dynamics team, a special interest is the average snow temperature in the top 50 cm. Providing now grid output for this variable (called TS50CM).
Commit 421, by Nander Wever
Jun 27, 2017
4 months 27 days Documentation improvements: showing different possible workflows
Commit 420, by Mathias Bavay
Jun 26, 2017
4 months 28 days Documentation improvements, hoping that which modules are called when running a simulation would get clearer
Commit 419, by Mathias Bavay
Jun 21, 2017
5 months 1 day After the ILWR output changes in Snowpack, the reference files had to be recomputed for Alpine3D too...
Commit 418, by Mathias Bavay
5 months 1 day The new syntax had to be implemented in the tests...
Commit 417, by Mathias Bavay
5 months 1 day turning off some (stupid) warnings, making RadiationField work with the latest MeteoIO and updating the syntax of the example io.ini
Commit 416, by Mathias Bavay

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