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Aug 2, 2020
13 days 2 hours Prevent nodata to be reported as too cold.
Commit 545, by Nander Wever
Jul 27, 2020
19 days 1 hour Correcting errors and warnings to indicate the correct ix and iy coordinates.
Commit 544, by Nander Wever
Jul 20, 2020
26 days 8 hours Oops, some reference files were m issing one header line...
Commit 543, by Mathias Bavay
26 days 10 hours This reference file has been renamed, removing the old version
Commit 542, by Mathias Bavay
26 days 10 hours Updating the reference files for tests/simple
Commit 541, by Mathias Bavay
26 days 11 hours Now keeping the newly produced output grids for the timestep when the comparison to the reference is performed
Commit 540, by Mathias Bavay
Jul 16, 2020
30 days 2 hours The newly added variable init_glaciers_height needs to be initialized in the initializer list.
Commit 539, by Nander Wever
Jul 8, 2020
1 month 7 days better handling of RPATH
Commit 538, by Mathias Bavay
1 month 7 days Corrected typo in netcdf file handling, added a test to avoid unncecessary steps if OUTPUT::NC_KEEP_FILES_OPEN = false
Commit 537, by Adrien Michel
1 month 7 days Made the key INPUT::GLACIER_FROM_GRID non mandatory (default is FALSE)
Commit 536, by Adrien Michel
1 month 7 days Evapotranspiration can now be in output grids with the name SnGrids::ET. Canopy tramspiration and evaporation is taken into account if canopy is enabled (added to soil evaporation + sublimation)
Commit 535, by Adrien Michel
Jul 7, 2020
1 month 8 days Now glacier can be read from a provided glacier height map, see begining of SnowpackInterface for details about the keys to use
Commit 534, by Adrien Michel
1 month 8 days Now keys REDUCE_N_ELEMENTS, ADJUST_HEIGHT_OF_METEO_VALUES, and ADJUST_HEIGHT_OF_WIND_VALUE are changed for glacier pixels to get a correct computation over glacier pixels (following snowpack commits 1777 to 1779)
Commit 533, by Adrien Michel
1 month 8 days Now the output rate of runoff grids is the same as the other grids (from ini GRIDS_DAY_BETWEEN) and not every time step
Commit 532, by Adrien Michel
1 month 8 days Corrected runoff output module to work with the new meteoio ability to keep netdcf files open. If runoff output is enbled in netcdf and it points to the same netcdf file than the other grid outputs, it will use the same IOManager object than Snowpac…
Commit 531, by Adrien Michel
Jun 10, 2020
2 months 5 days Commit 528 made keys for SNOW_GROOMING and SNOW_PRODUCTION mandatory, which is not desired behaviour.
Commit 530, by Nander Wever
May 29, 2020
2 months 17 days Fixed swapped rows in smet outputs at POIs (thanks Pirmin!)
Commit 529, by Mathias Bavay
May 26, 2020
2 months 20 days The grooming is now fully deferred to Snowpack (ie no ini keys related to grooming are read in Alpine3D, only within Snowpack). Added some missing documentation related to grooming.
Commit 528, by Mathias Bavay
May 22, 2020
2 months 24 days Added some checks for the SLOPES_CONDITIONS file and remove a commented out code block
Commit 527, by Mathias Bavay
2 months 24 days It is now possible to define an unlimited number of priorities (their relative order is irrelevant but gaps are not allowed in the numbering)
Commit 526, by Mathias Bavay

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