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May 25, 2016
4 years 1 month Updated the pt_extract "rescue" tool to fit the more recent MeteoIO (this was quite old). It is far from being user friendly but at least it is now usable after reading the explanations given at the begining of the file.
Commit 351, by Mathias Bavay
May 17, 2016
4 years 1 month Two bugs have been found: when using "LOCAL" coordinates on a large domain, the projection error compared to usually provided cartesian systems can grow a little too large. Therefore, now by default the cartesian coordinate system that is chosen is t
Commit 350, by Mathias Bavay
May 13, 2016
4 years 2 months Now generating the documentation on the test server so it can be easily published by the server
Commit 349, by Mathias Bavay
May 2, 2016
4 years 2 months Fixing a small issue when using the runoff module: the default value of the THRESH_RAIN key was not properly handled.
Commit 348, by Mathias Bavay
Apr 19, 2016
4 years 2 months Taking into account the latest changes in MeteoIO (FileUtils namespace)
Commit 347, by Mathias Bavay
Apr 11, 2016
4 years 3 months Fixed a bug with the "--no-compute" option and improved the usability of its outputs
Commit 346, by Mathias Bavay
Mar 21, 2016
4 years 3 months When running with "--nocompute", it now checks the forcing parameters and output various benchmarks to help find out potential problems: monthly sums for various parameters, out of range data, lapse rates, etc
Commit 345, by Mathias Bavay
4 years 3 months Two gridded reference results had been forgotten... Adding them
Commit 344, by Mathias Bavay
Mar 18, 2016
4 years 3 months oups, the last commit was wrong (corrupted files)
Commit 343, by Mathias Bavay
4 years 3 months It seems that the test running on the server do not produce the same results as when running on my computer (as for Snowpack)... These reference files are coming from the server.
Commit 342, by Mathias Bavay
Mar 17, 2016
4 years 3 months Updated the reference runs to take into account the very small changes that appeared a few days ago. Despite not understanding why (and after trying for days to re-run with older versions and always producing these "new" results).
Commit 341, by Mathias Bavay
Mar 16, 2016
4 years 3 months Added a "basics" test like in Snowpack to make it easier to figure out what is wrong when the simple simulation sees some changes
Commit 340, by Mathias Bavay
Mar 15, 2016
4 years 3 months Code cleanup: making the radiation station handling clearer and making the "nocompute" handling clearer
Commit 339, by Mathias Bavay
4 years 3 months Writing out the timestamp instead of timestep
Commit 338, by Mathias Bavay
4 years 3 months Small hack to make it easier to write out snow drift fluxes
Commit 337, by Mathias Bavay
Mar 14, 2016
4 years 4 months Reverting a config key
Commit 336, by Mathias Bavay
Mar 11, 2016
4 years 4 months Small fixes to improve user friendliness and speed up (a little bit) snowdrift by avoiding computing drift when there is no snow to drift...
Commit 335, by Mathias Bavay
Mar 9, 2016
4 years 4 months removing some partially dead code (ie it does something but the results are never used)
Commit 334, by Mathias Bavay
4 years 4 months better error messages, better initialization and small bug fixes for snowdrift
Commit 333, by Mathias Bavay
Mar 4, 2016
4 years 4 months Fixing some small usability issues
Commit 332, by Mathias Bavay

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