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Feb 13, 2017
4 years 7 months small improvement in the Stillberg example: writing the fluxes as SMET
Commit 395, by Mathias Bavay
Feb 1, 2017
4 years 7 months Relying on Snowpack's AsciiIO and SmetIO '=' operators... (ie you need an up-to-date version of Snowpack to compile)
Commit 394, by Mathias Bavay
4 years 7 months Porting the necessary options to deal with OCCI from Snowpack to Alpine3D
Commit 393, by Mathias Bavay
4 years 7 months Fixed some warnings ebalance, disbaled the Weffc++ and Wconversion warnings and removed the horiz2sloep / slope2horiz constants in SNowpackInterfaceWorker since SnoStation already has a cos_sl constant
Commit 392, by Mathias Bavay
Jan 31, 2017
4 years 7 months changed the title to mark it as obsolete. But we have to keep it as it is the only documentation for the snowdrift and data assimilation implementations.
Commit 391, by Mathias Bavay
Jan 24, 2017
4 years 7 months Fixed an invalid interpolation algorithm in the example simulation. Brought the latest SetCompilerOptions from Snowpack/MeteoIO. Code cleanup in tools/
Commit 390, by Mathias Bavay
Nov 24, 2016
4 years 9 months When reading the sno files, the date of creation of their top layer is compared with the simulation start date to detect layers "in the future"
Commit 389, by Mathias Bavay
Nov 14, 2016
4 years 10 months Updated the reference files since the file formats changed a little bit and minor improvements in the log outputs to help when debugging a simulation
Commit 388, by Mathias Bavay
Oct 24, 2016
4 years 10 months there was a bug/feature regarding the sno files output handling: SNOW_DAYS_BETWEEN was an int instead of double. This has been fixed for more flexibility.
Commit 387, by Mathias Bavay
4 years 10 months Adding missing standard includes that used to be provided by overzealous MeteoIO includes...
Commit 386, by Mathias Bavay
Oct 20, 2016
4 years 10 months Finally updated the test reference files to the latest changes in Snowpack and MeteoIO...
Commit 385, by Mathias Bavay
Oct 5, 2016
4 years 11 months Replaced calls to "waterSaturationPressure" by "vaporSaturationPressure"
Commit 384, by Mathias Bavay
Sep 15, 2016
5 years 3 days A bug has been found (and fixed!) in the handling of nighttime radiation fields when running with MPI
Commit 383, by Mathias Bavay
Sep 8, 2016
5 years 10 days The snow files were not written out properly because the station name was not initialized...
Commit 382, by Mathias Bavay
Sep 2, 2016
5 years 16 days Finally updated the reference tests after all the recent changes
Commit 381, by Mathias Bavay
Sep 1, 2016
5 years 17 days The parallel version of the radiation fields was not working properly (wrong geolocalization for the domain band). The documentation has also been updated.
Commit 380, by Mathias Bavay
Aug 31, 2016
5 years 18 days Finally, this is the implementation of issue 340: distributed cloudiness (through atmospheric loss factor and splitting coefficient). This mostly follows the lines of what has been recently implemented in MeteoIO with a few tricks to perform domain d
Commit 379, by Mathias Bavay
5 years 18 days Much more flexible script, it can now be called from anywhere and should properly find its associated jar file. The calibration tool has been expanded with a few extra possible outputs.
Commit 378, by Mathias Bavay
Aug 25, 2016
5 years 24 days The criterias used in checkKatabaticFlows have been changed in order to now count the number of snowfree cells outside the glacier and the number of glacier cells experiencing proper conditions for katabatic flows. The code has been modified to bette
Commit 377, by Mathias Bavay
Aug 24, 2016
5 years 25 days Code cleanup in Glaciers. In SnowpackInterface, a warning is printed out if a requested grid can not be found. Moreover, a logic bug was found when handling dynamic glacier masks: the mask was only refreshed when doing the outputs. Now it is refreshe
Commit 376, by Mathias Bavay

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