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Aug 17, 2016
5 years 1 month Updating the syntax of the io.ini; using the atmospheric correction logic from mio::Sun() instead of the local one (ie making the code simpler) and relying or nodata checks done in meteoio instead of redoing them in RadiationField.
Commit 375, by Mathias Bavay
Aug 16, 2016
5 years 1 month Correcting typos.
Commit 374, by Nander Wever
5 years 1 month Fixed some documentation issues, lowered the thresholds to turn on the katabatic flows correction, swapped the linking order of Snowpack and MeteoIO in order to easily allow to use a system-wide MeteoIO with a locally installed Snowpack
Commit 373, by Mathias Bavay
Aug 12, 2016
5 years 1 month more sensible default value for the new switch...
Commit 372, by Mathias Bavay
5 years 1 month Added a define to run snowdrift without computing the saltation (it is then highly recommended to also turn off the sublimation!). Created a small piece of code to test/calibrate the glacier katabatic flows correction.
Commit 371, by Mathias Bavay
Aug 10, 2016
5 years 1 month Small code cleanup, better comments and added the ability to scale the flow reach in the katabatic flow modeling
Commit 370, by Mathias Bavay
Aug 3, 2016
5 years 1 month Re-adding the DEBUG_ARITHM compilation option that got lost in the last changes...
Commit 369, by Mathias Bavay
Jul 29, 2016
5 years 1 month The latest changes in Snowpack have been reflected in SnowpackInterface. The new way of setting the compiler options has been imported and tweaked from meteoIO. In order to mave closer to the "efficient c++" recommendations, several changes have been
Commit 368, by Mathias Bavay
Jun 27, 2016
5 years 2 months The "--no-compute" option has been extended in order to help calibrating the glacier katabatic flows correction. This is far from perfect, but it is a start... A minor bug has been fixed in
Commit 367, by Mathias Bavay
Jun 24, 2016
5 years 2 months updated the reference files to account for the latest changes in Snowpack
Commit 366, by Mathias Bavay
Jun 16, 2016
5 years 3 months Following a method suggested by Aurélien, full outputs in the tests
Commit 365, by Mathias Bavay
Jun 15, 2016
5 years 3 months fixed a warning (variable shadowing)
Commit 364, by Mathias Bavay
5 years 3 months The improvements to the katabatic flows corrections by (Ayala et al., 2015) have been implemented. A more flexible "debug" output has been implemented in Snowdrift.
Commit 363, by Mathias Bavay
Jun 14, 2016
5 years 3 months Added the possibility to save the runoff grids in netCDF
5 years 3 months Since the SMET files now contain the creation date, this line had to be deleted before comparing the reference and test files
Commit 361, by Mathias Bavay
Jun 13, 2016
5 years 3 months Following the last bug fix, the tests had to be recalculated...
Commit 360, by Mathias Bavay
5 years 3 months reverting the previous fix for the meteoPixel being modified by Snowpack: now this is fixed in Snowpack itself (passing currentMeteo by copy)
Commit 359, by Mathias Bavay
Jun 7, 2016
5 years 3 months The tests uncovered a bug that got fixed by sheer luck in one of the lasts commits: when using Snowpack with Canopy, the forcing meteo data will be changed for below canopy values. If Snowpack is called multiple times within an Alpine3D time step, th
Commit 358, by Mathias Bavay
5 years 3 months The getSynop script should belong to MeteoIO instead of Alpine3D, therefore it has been moved and the documentation updated
Commit 357, by Mathias Bavay
Jun 6, 2016
5 years 3 months More documentation fixes, improvements to the getSynop script, small bug fix in EnergyBalance (more useful error message to help debug simulations)
Commit 356, by Mathias Bavay

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