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Feb 3, 2016
5 years 7 months Updated the reference files to contain the new critical cut length field
Commit 315, by Mathias Bavay
Feb 2, 2016
5 years 7 months This is a big code cleanup: the "TYPE_DOUBLE2D" has been removed (it was only an alias) and the definitions from Alpine3D.h moved into AlpineMain.h so Alpine3D.h is now a proper include for "library" usage.
Commit 314, by Mathias Bavay
Feb 1, 2016
5 years 7 months Adding a cleanup command to avoid leaving behind a large number of test files
Commit 313, by Mathias Bavay
5 years 7 months Bug fixes on the tests...
Commit 312, by Mathias Bavay
5 years 7 months Fixed a warning issue for the COVERAGE tests
Commit 311, by Mathias Bavay
5 years 7 months A very small simulation has been setup to use as nightly test. Most probably the reference outputs will have to be recomputed on the server...
Commit 310, by Mathias Bavay
Jan 29, 2016
5 years 7 months Starting CTest for Alpine3D. So far, there is only one test and it does absolutely nothing. At least this should validate that it properly compiles and that the infrastructure is in place!
Commit 309, by Mathias Bavay
Jan 22, 2016
5 years 7 months When a soil temperature is requested (using the SOIL_TEMPERATURE_DEPTH key), the POI will also have a new column containing this soil temperature data in their SMET forcing files
Commit 308, by Mathias Bavay
Dec 12, 2015
5 years 9 months Slightly improved log output in order to better show how many processes and how many threads are running. The MPIControl class has been extended to provide the size of the OpenMP world...
Commit 307, by Mathias Bavay
Dec 9, 2015
5 years 9 months The radiation correction strategy has been changed: instead of corercting ONLY the direct component, the coefficient is now computed on the global radiation and applied on both direct and diffuse. Thus the impact of the splitting (which seems to be q
Commit 306, by Mathias Bavay
Dec 4, 2015
5 years 9 months Small improvements in the outputs and in the run script (so it can use a version of alpine3d from the PATH). A basic example is now provided (Stillberg).
Commit 305, by Mathias Bavay
Dec 3, 2015
5 years 9 months Running-a-simulation, fixed broken link
5 years 9 months Mostly code cleanup and more consistent information messages
Commit 304, by Mathias Bavay
Dec 2, 2015
5 years 9 months Small improvements in the documentation and run information messages
Commit 303, by Mathias Bavay
5 years 9 months oups, one more change was missing...
Commit 302, by Mathias Bavay
5 years 9 months Trying to get non-confusing information for the points of interest outputs: the enforced/measured snow height is now set to undefined. Touch up on the information messages for more consistency.
Commit 301, by Mathias Bavay
Nov 27, 2015
5 years 9 months Fixing the version macro so it also works for Xcode
Commit 300, by Mathias Bavay
5 years 9 months More flexibility for the two new keys ADJUST_HEIGHT_xxx: if they have already been defined by the user, they will be kept unchanged. Otherwise, a proper default value for Alpine3D is set.
Commit 299, by Mathias Bavay
Nov 26, 2015
5 years 9 months Taking in the necessary changes for the latest Snowpack (two keys to force) and MeteoIO (new names for the exceptions).
Commit 298, by Mathias Bavay
Nov 19, 2015
5 years 9 months Getting-started, Add one more link to docserver

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