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Dec 12, 2012
8 years 9 months
Commit 38, by Till Schumann
8 years 9 months
Commit 37, by Till Schumann
Dec 10, 2012
8 years 9 months Fixing some of the warnings in snowdrift (mostly shadowed variables)
Commit 36, by Mathias Bavay
Dec 6, 2012
8 years 9 months Branching for Till's work on EBalance
Commit 35, by Mathias Bavay
Dec 3, 2012
8 years 9 months Lots of snowpack include paths were missing (as long as snowpack's include directory was the same as meteoio's, it was working). A few times, Snowpack.h was included instead of libsnowpack.h.
Commit 34, by Mathias Bavay
8 years 9 months The debug.h header and class are not used anymore and have been deleted. the FindLibsnowpack cmake file has been updated in order to detect a snowpack development folder next to alpine3d. Several warnings have been fixed as well as some constificati…
Commit 33, by Mathias Bavay
Nov 28, 2012
8 years 9 months fixing some Hera warnings
Commit 32, by Mathias Bavay
Oct 30, 2012
8 years 10 months Making Alpine3D able to read .sno and .snoold
Commit 31, by Mathias Bavay
Oct 25, 2012
8 years 10 months Now using Date::getJulian() as in meteoio rev 980
Commit 30, by Mathias Bavay
Oct 3, 2012
8 years 11 months Adjusting to the latest changes in Snowpack (naming of the Albedo) and fixing a bug (using cellsize as unsigned int)
Commit 29, by Mathias Bavay
Aug 24, 2012
9 years 25 days Fixed the mysterious dissaperance of snow (nodata+x=nodata was the problem, the grid had to be initialized to 0 instead) and improved an warning message so Walter will not be confused anymore...
Commit 28, by Mathias Bavay
Aug 23, 2012
9 years 26 days Th temperatures interpolation extraction is now working. This might move to Snowpack at some point...
Commit 27, by Mathias Bavay
Aug 21, 2012
9 years 28 days The version information is now always printed when starting. A Runoff error message has been improved. The output grids are now initialized with nodata in order to keep nodata cells from the dem as nodata in the output grids. If a special point is no
Commit 24, by Mathias Bavay
Aug 20, 2012
9 years 29 days Fixed a data collection bug (the sfc_sub tables were not being aggregated from each workers)
Commit 23, by Mathias Bavay
9 years 29 days Making runoff outputs at each time steps regardless of the output rate of other variables
Commit 22, by Mathias Bavay
9 years 29 days Fixed an initialization bug and removed a warning in Snowdrift.
Commit 21, by Mathias Bavay
Aug 14, 2012
9 years 1 month Alpine3D compiles again in sequential and parallel. Several methods in SnowpackInterface were providing various gridded data. They have all been merged into a "getGrid()" method.
Commit 20, by Mathias Bavay
Aug 10, 2012
9 years 1 month Necessary changes so that it compiles again (after the partial commit for snowdrift). The popc version has not yet been checked...
Commit 19, by Mathias Bavay
9 years 1 month Getting Christine's version closer to the trunk... A few methods have been added to SnowpackInterface in order to exchange some extra tables (this could be done in a more generic way). A linking bug has been fixed with runoff.
Aug 9, 2012
9 years 1 month The popc version now compiles, but linking is still broken. The includes have been cleaned up in order to avoid the big mess that was preventing popc from working properly (ie. trying to reduce inter-module dependencies).
Commit 17, by Mathias Bavay

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