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Aug 6, 2014
5 years 9 months MPIControl: Create temporary objects just once
Commit 184, by Thomas Egger
5 years 9 months SnowpackInterface: The writing of special points data is now performed on the master process only. This in turn now means that no output is done from within SnowpackInterfaceWorker anymore. SnowpackInterfaceWorker stores data for the special points i
Commit 185, by Thomas Egger
5 years 9 months for Mathias: indentation
Commit 186, by Thomas Egger
5 years 9 months For Mathias: removing trailing whitespaces
Commit 187, by Thomas Egger
5 years 9 months SnowpackInterface: only attempt to write special points data if there are any
Commit 188, by Thomas Egger
Aug 7, 2014
5 years 9 months TerrainRadiationSimple: Bugfix and parallelization of the algorithm.
Commit 189, by Thomas Egger
5 years 9 months TerrainRadiation: Use TerrainRadiationSimple for the time being. The MPI version of does not deliver the same results as the sequential version. This needs to be investigated further and cleaned up. Moved the allreduce_sum of th
Commit 190, by Thomas Egger
Aug 8, 2014
5 years 9 months TerrainRadiation: Spacing
Commit 191, by Thomas Egger
Aug 11, 2014
5 years 9 months Birthday bugfix: direct and diffuse radiation where given in the wrong order as arguments to getRadiation, cleaned up MPI parallelization of TerrainRadiationSimple algorithm. Bugfix also in SnowpackInterface - the albedo_grid needed to be reduced bef
Commit 192, by Thomas Egger
Aug 18, 2014
5 years 9 months In order to estimate the reflected short wave, the previous albedo is taken. Some new keys have been renamed and some documentation written. By default, the terrain radiation now uses "SIMPLE".
Commit 193, by Mathias Bavay
Aug 19, 2014
5 years 9 months The configuration keys that have a default value are now properly using it. The terrain_radiation algorithms now provide a variable that contain their name and this is used in information messages.
Commit 194, by Mathias Bavay
Aug 20, 2014
5 years 9 months Please update libsnowpack; changes regarding writeSnowCover are propagated with this commit into SnowpackInterface (SN_SNOWSOIL_DATA not necessary when writing SNO output)
Commit 195, by Thomas Egger
Aug 22, 2014
5 years 9 months The run script has been modified in order to be clearer for MPI and OpenMP simulations. A better information message is now displayed. The begining of a module for processing glaciers (currently, temperature corrections on the surface of a glacier) h
Commit 196, by Mathias Bavay
Aug 26, 2014
5 years 9 months Some missing includes have been added for Windows. The necessary changes in order to be compatible with the latest MeteoIO (that got rid of the grid.ncols syntax) have also been performed.
Commit 197, by Mathias Bavay
Sep 4, 2014
5 years 8 months Moving forward with the katabatic winds on glaciers (but still more is left to do!). Re-enabling running Alpine3D without soil.
Commit 198, by Mathias Bavay
Sep 22, 2014
5 years 8 months Lots of improvements, now moving forward to lots of testing!
Commit 199, by Mathias Bavay
Sep 23, 2014
5 years 8 months fixed a misunderstanding: the glacier slope seems to be the local slope (within a 3x3 grid) instead of the mean slope from the local pixel to the flow origin.
Commit 200, by Mathias Bavay
5 years 8 months It is now possible to generate gridded runoff without having to define catchments. The format and location of the runoff grids is now configured with specific keys. The documentation has been expanded to cover each modules.
Commit 201, by Mathias Bavay
5 years 8 months documentation fixes, automatic update of config.dox
Commit 202, by Mathias Bavay
Sep 24, 2014
5 years 8 months The glacier katabatic flow code has been reorganized and properly integrated in Snowpackinterface. A new key (GLACIER_KATABATIC_FLOW) has been created to enable it and documented (but this is still experiemental and needs to be validated by measureme
Commit 203, by Mathias Bavay

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