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Sep 29, 2014
5 years 8 months The view factor computation was NOT initialized, leading to wrong results. This has been fixed. Another implementation has been written for sky view factors that is much faster. This has been checked against the view factors as computed by SAGA (and/
Commit 204, by Mathias Bavay
Sep 30, 2014
5 years 8 months The TerrainRadiationSimple method is now in working order. The sky view factors are computed for each pixel accounting for the slope of the pixel (ie not only for a horizontal surface) and based on the method implemented in SAGA source code. The gla
Commit 205, by Mathias Bavay
Oct 1, 2014
5 years 7 months The initializations of several meteo parameter for the current pixel (just before running through Snowpack) have been changed in order to be more accurate.
Commit 206, by Mathias Bavay
5 years 7 months Now using grids.empty() instead of isEmpty() for compatibility with the latest MeteoIO
Commit 207, by Mathias Bavay
Oct 3, 2014
5 years 7 months The glacier temperature correction seems to now be working well. This has been tested on the Urumqi glacier #1 but validation data are still needed...
Commit 208, by Mathias Bavay
Oct 9, 2014
5 years 7 months The Makefile has been reorganized and does not depend on a anymore. It has also been simplified and works properly with more recent versions of g++/gfortran. The prevah wrapper configuration file has been hard coded as "runoff.ini" inste
Commit 209, by Mathias Bavay
5 years 7 months More documentation about the PREVAH modeling
Commit 210, by Mathias Bavay
Oct 20, 2014
5 years 7 months The runoff grids were not forced at hourly timesteps anymore, this has been fixed. Small improvement in the documentation (new URL for LUS data).
Commit 211, by Mathias Bavay
Oct 23, 2014
5 years 7 months Download 231, Alpine3D-830
Addition of download 231, by Mathias Bavay
5 years 7 months removing old autotools code (not used for several years) and adding Prevah runoff documentation
Commit 212, by Mathias Bavay
Oct 28, 2014
5 years 7 months The prepare() method of MeteoObj used to wrap its call to MeteoIO getMeteoData() in a try/catch block and simply retry later if hitting the catch(). This was a very bad idea, since this left the IOManager in a messed up state. This has now been remov
Commit 213, by Mathias Bavay
Oct 29, 2014
5 years 7 months Fixed a bug with undefined dates in MeteoObj
Commit 214, by Mathias Bavay
Oct 31, 2014
5 years 7 months The special points were not being written all the way to the last time step in case of a crash, making them significantly less usefull when debuging a crash. They should now contain everything until the very moment of the crash (note that some specia
Commit 215, by Mathias Bavay
Nov 12, 2014
5 years 6 months An error message was truncated
Commit 216, by Mathias Bavay
Nov 14, 2014
5 years 6 months Some links have been added/fixed in the documentation, an obsolete file (RadiationBalance) has been moved to "old" and some documentation issues fixed.
Commit 217, by Mathias Bavay
Dec 2, 2014
5 years 5 months Documentation fixes: some copy/paste had been left behind. The TOOL variable had also been deleted in, this has been put back.
Commit 218, by Mathias Bavay
Dec 3, 2014
5 years 5 months Fixed a compilation bug on some 64 bits platforms
Commit 219, by Mathias Bavay
Dec 22, 2014
5 years 5 months Documentation updates
Commit 220, by Mathias Bavay
5 years 5 months More documentation for the glaciers katabatic flows
Commit 221, by Mathias Bavay
Jan 20, 2015
5 years 4 months Better initial conditions for computing a pixel with Snowpack. Small fixes in the comments.
Commit 222, by Mathias Bavay

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