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May 19, 2014
6 years 13 days More documentation (and references to papers) for the model princinples section
Commit 104, by Mathias Bavay
6 years 12 days proof reading and editing of the general documentation
Commit 105, by Mathias Bavay
Jun 6, 2014
5 years 11 months Commit to stay consistent with snowpack/branches/dev/ commit 589.
Commit 106, by Nander Wever
5 years 11 months I realized that my previous commit will not work for people using the snowpack trunk library. So I commented my change (I didn't remove it, so it's clear what needs to change for the branches/dev/ version...)
Commit 107, by Nander Wever
5 years 11 months Forget about commits 106 and 107. Undoing them now.
Commit 108, by Nander Wever
Jun 29, 2014
5 years 11 months Small documentation update and bugfix for Ebalance when the radiation station is outside the domain (thanks Aurelien!).
Commit 109, by Mathias Bavay
Jul 14, 2014
5 years 10 months Adapting ebalance_till branch to meet changes in MeteoIO and snowpacklib
Commit 110, by Thomas Egger
5 years 10 months CMake update: Getting rid of POPC references in the CMake files, introducing MPI
Commit 111, by Thomas Egger
Jul 15, 2014
5 years 10 months Getting rid of POPC in the main A3D program, cleaning up a bit
Commit 112, by Thomas Egger
Jul 16, 2014
5 years 10 months Introducing new MPI concept through MPIControl singleton class (whether this should be a singleton remains debatable). The idea is to hide intrinsics of MPI in that very class (all ifdefs in there) and to give the user a simple to understand interfac
Commit 113, by Thomas Egger
5 years 10 months EB: No more POPC references
Commit 114, by Thomas Egger
5 years 10 months EB: Cleaning up and renaming radiationfield.* files to RadiationField.*. POPC references deleted.
Commit 115, by Thomas Egger
5 years 10 months main: Getting rid of further popc stuff.
Commit 116, by Thomas Egger
5 years 10 months Fixed the weird doc target so it now behaves properly with newer versions of cmake. The special points are now handled as a vector of pairs instead of our own structure. Some necessary local copies have been removed.
Commit 117, by Mathias Bavay
5 years 10 months Add some explanations on the common reason behind the error message
Commit 118, by Mathias Bavay
Jul 17, 2014
5 years 10 months AlpineControl, MeteoObj: Making the calls to get1D and get based on MPI (if activated). Only the master node will retrieve the data and then broadcast the Grid2DObjects or MeteoData objects to the other nodes. EBalance: Adding TerrainRadiationAlgor…
Commit 119, by Thomas Egger
5 years 10 months RadiationField: Adding constructor to make it easier to instantiate the class. ViewFactorsAlgorithms: adding explicit destructor to virtual interface.
Commit 120, by Thomas Egger
5 years 10 months TerrainRadiationAlgorithm needs an explicit destructor
Commit 121, by Thomas Egger
5 years 10 months Adding new concept of TerrainRadiationAlgorithm to EnergyBalance. To activate you need to add to io.ini: [EBalance] TERRAIN_RADIATION = TRUE Currently only the default method (TerrainRadiationSimple) is available.
Commit 122, by Thomas Egger
5 years 10 months MPIControl: Adding allreduce_sum for any serializable object
Commit 123, by Thomas Egger

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