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Jul 5, 2013
4 years 4 months Usage, Introduction and usage of camp2ascii
Creation of page Usage, by Robert Spence
4 years 4 months DataTypesSupport, Current status of data types support
Jun 7, 2011
6 years 5 months fixed some issues with recent GCC (however, the warning "format not a string literal and no format arguments" might not get fixed any time soon... extra verifications are great, but since C does not offer any alternative for dynamic formatting, we're
Commit 6, by Mathias Bavay
6 years 5 months Created an svg version of the file structure
Commit 5, by Mathias Bavay
6 years 5 months Added call graph
Commit 4, by Mathias Bavay
6 years 5 months added some missing documentation (brought from my home page)
Commit 3, by Mathias Bavay
Nov 2, 2009
8 years 21 days Initial version using SVN (version number updated to 0.99.6). FP4 fields datatypes support still need to be finished while support for "UINT4", "INT2" and "BOOL2" needs to be checked.
Commit 2, by Mathias Bavay
8 years 21 days This is the changelog for releases predating svn repository v0.99.5: *portability improvements: all sections of the code that might see an effect from platform/compiler word lenght should have been protected by using the C99 types (such as "int32",
Commit 1, by Mathias Bavay