Issue 803: Reordering Replicator-items

Reported by Michael Reisecker, Nov 29, 2019

It would be cool to be able to change the order of Replicator items, 
for example to change the filter or generator ordering.
This is tedious to do by hand, but it is also a little tedious in 
the code because we need to delete and rename keys in the INI on the 
file system.
The INIParser should be well tested before implementing this, but 
then I think it should be done.

We could try to implement custom dragging for the Groups (, but I don't know it's worth it 
since then we would have quite a way to drag always.
Simpler would be to expand a list that can be re-arranged with an 
underlying model of the items. Quick & dirty would be to query 
two indices and swap.

If we have it, we would enable it in the Selector also for ordering 
e. g. %COPY.

effort: 2-3 days

Comment 1 by Michael Reisecker, Nov 30, 2019

What is already implemented is that things like

STATION1 = ...
STATION3 = ...
STATION9 = ...

are handled.

Comment 2 by Michael Reisecker, Nov 30, 2019

Ok it's probably not that hard to implement at all actually with 
what's already there...

Comment 3 by Michael Reisecker, Mar 4, 2020

We also need this for Choice (and Checklist) panels, where the user 
can not control the order of the algorithms. Obviously, that could 
be desirable for them.

Needs a stack to remember the order in which a user has clicked the 

Comment 4 by Michael Reisecker, Mar 7, 2020

Choices are order-aware with revision a4a5286, and Checklists with 
revision f24e0fe.

Created: 10 months 20 days ago by Michael Reisecker

Updated: 7 months 12 days ago

Status: New