Issue 813: Command line options

Reported by Michael Reisecker, Nov 29, 2019

For the INIParser unit test, INIshell can already parse an INI file 
given in the command line options, and write that back out. It also 
has the usual --version etc.

So it would be cheap to at least implement changing / deleting INI 
keys so that INIshell could be a command line tool for modifying INI 

Other things nice to have:
- clear settings
- show settings file path
- dump internal resource files (xsd, help file)
- clear settings (if something gets stuck)

effort: 1/2 days

Comment 1 by Michael Reisecker, Dec 5, 2019

Implemented with commit 1a39eda (because the user's guide references 
Status: Verified

Created: 1 year 10 months ago by Michael Reisecker

Updated: 1 year 10 months ago

Status: Verified


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