Issue 815: Write main applications XML files

Reported by Michael Reisecker, Nov 29, 2019

Write XML files for MeteoIO, SNOWPACK and Alpine3D.
The new syntax is pretty much the same but still with some changes 
and more options.
They should probably be written from scratch to make use of them 

Comment 1 by Michael Reisecker, Nov 29, 2019

Maybe write a quick & dirty script that filters all INI queries 
from the source codes of those three programs and checks in the XML 
files which ones are present.

Comment 2 by Michael Reisecker, Nov 29, 2019

I could offer to write the MeteoIO one, because this will also be 
the first real thorough test and I can take care of small bugs that 
turn up on the way. I'll start it at least.

effort: 2-3 days, depending on how neat it should look and if it's 
true that there are no major bugs
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Comment 3 by Michael Reisecker, Dec 5, 2019

Status: Started

Comment 4 by Michael Reisecker, Dec 18, 2019

The MeteoIO XML has largely been transferred; most of what was 
scattered in the old MeteoIO and SNOWPACK XMLs should be there, plus 
my new filters and some other modernizations. Still, parameters and 
whole chunks are missing or outdated (most notably the spatial 
interpolations). Probably this is best as a group effort...

What was left of the SNOWPACK XML was almost usable already, so this 
has also been ported, but with no changes whatsoever.

For A3D, a template was added, but no keys.
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Comment 5 by Michael Reisecker, Dec 21, 2019

Script to parse SLF source code for INI queries put in /tools with 
commit 35ca648. So far it is without claim to completeness, but it 
already helps.

Comment 6 by Mathias Bavay, Jan 13, 2021

Status: Fixed

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810 - XSD schema validation