Issue 819: Filter reading performance

Reported by Michael Reisecker, Dec 19, 2019

Reading an INI file with some filters is too slow.

The (main) reason is that a Replicator replicates the whole huge 
filters XML node into a dropdown list showing the list of filters. 
Clicking the + button to add a filter takes about 1/4s on my 
This dropdown list ("Alternative" panel) builds the whole 
node and shows only the current selection; i. e. there is no delay 
selecting a filter, because the GUI for it is already available (but 

It looks like this has to be rewritten in a way that the dropdown 
list builds from XML only on demand when selecting an option. This 
is a bit annoying because the "Alternative" panel is the 
most delicate of the lot and needs to be changed fundamentally...

Side note: Other than that, profiling does not really show anomalies 
for the logic, even though it is a little convoluted (because a 
Selector can create a Replicator that creates a Selector that... 
until the panel for the actual INI key is finally available).

Comment 1 by Michael Reisecker, Dec 19, 2019

Should have spent the time writing the ticket on solving the 
issue... much better already with commit bfcab7b.
Status: Fixed

Created: 2 years 1 month ago by Michael Reisecker

Updated: 2 years 1 month ago

Status: Fixed