Issue 826: Bug in reading INI files resp. flawed XML design

Reported by Michael Reisecker, Mar 17, 2020

INI settings for the MATHS filters are not read back correctly. This 
is because a Replicator is used to intuitively multiply a number of 
grouped settings, but the Replicator itself has no key, so it's not 
being asked to create the necessary panels.

I'm not sure yet how to generalize this the best and most robust. It 
could be viewed as a flaw in the XML but INIshell should be able to 
do this.

Comment 1 by Michael Reisecker, Mar 3, 2021

Status: Started

Comment 2 by Michael Reisecker, Mar 8, 2021

Implemented within commit de0b8d4e3a7.

An empty Replicator key now triggers a different method to check if 
it can spawn the requested key (namely, it goes looking for it in 
the corresponding XML node).

Used in this way, a Replicator is more of a GUI element because it 
does not correspond to any INI structure but is used for UI purposes 
(like a frame, but interactive).
Status: Verified

Created: 1 year 6 months ago by Michael Reisecker

Updated: 6 months 13 days ago

Status: Verified