Issue 871: XML files provided by the models

Reported by Mathias Bavay, Feb 4, 2021

It would be much more logical if the numerical models relying on 
Inishell for the configuration to release their XML files 
themselves. Then a user of, say MeteoIO, would always have an 
up-to-date XML file for his/her version of MeteoIO.

In this cases, a few issues must be tackled:
   * Inishell must find the applications and then find their XML 
files -> maybe a predefined list of applications names, then 
building fixed search paths to search for the applications and then 
a few fixed paths to search for XML files within each application;
   * Inishell must offer a way for the user to add extra 
applications or directly extra paths to search for XML files (this 
one already exists);
   * Inishell must then handle includes across applications.

Created: 8 months 14 days ago by Mathias Bavay

Status: New