Issue 872: Mounts not visible on Mac

Reported by Mathias Bavay, Feb 5, 2021

The QT file selectors don't show any mounts on Mac, so shared 
drives, or anything from /Volumes are not accessible...

Comment 1 by Mathias Bavay, Feb 8, 2021

We're not alone:

So I'm working on it, I will also try setting 
QFileDialog::DontUseCustomDirectoryIcons because when I have an ssh 
mount, Inishell gets very slow (and this might be the reason).
Status: Started
Owner: bavay

Comment 2 by Mathias Bavay, Feb 8, 2021

Most probably QFileDialog::DontUseCustomDirectoryIcons is not the 
solution to sometimes slow Inishell. The problem manifests itself 
when starting Inishell from a network mount (ssh mount for me). So 
if the CWD is on an ssh mount, even just reading the XML files (NOT 
on an ssh mount) is very slow.

And for the Mac problem, so far no solution besides using native 

Comment 4 by Mathias Bavay, Feb 19, 2021

This has been fixed by moving to native file and path dialogs, let 
see if this solution brings other problems...
Status: Fixed

Comment 5 by Michael Reisecker, Mar 1, 2021

Ah I actually noted the Qt bug I added the flag for (but somewhat 
hidden in the code of the Logger):

The bug is still there, but users will only see it when running 
Inishell through the terminal... then they will have "Empty 
filename passed to function" when selecting 
"Computer" in the side panel.

Comment 6 by Mathias Bavay, Mar 10, 2021

So, basically the only alternative is to choose which bugs we want 
to keep?! I was hoping for an easier choice!

Comment 7 by Michael Reisecker, Mar 10, 2021

Ok so I install the latest (and last) Qt 5 on a 2nd system, because 
according to the link above it is fixed in 5.15.1.
But now I don't see the "Computer" sidebar item in 
Nautilus anymore on the main system. So I wonder if this was an 
update I did and indeed an Internet search tells me the item has 
been moved -- seven years ago!?

What makes it show up for me at times I have no idea but the new 
location does not trigger the warning, so in theory it should be 
fixed both in Ubuntu and Qt.

I'm hesitant to upgrade the "development version" to 
something different than what comes through apt to make it easier 
for people to build from source. If we really care we could at least 
compile the provided packages with 5.15.2. But it's just a highly 
specific thing with close to no consequences so I say we wait it 

P. S.: Also tried Qt 6; main trouble is that XML schemas are not 
supported anymore; the rest should be portable relatively easily.

Comment 8 by Michael Reisecker, Mar 10, 2021

Forgot to mention: On Mac, clicking "Recent" gives me the 
following warnings in the same manner (with and without native 

2021-03-10 21:44:29.865 inishell[5176:32306] -[NSNull length]: 
unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7fff8d2f7000\
2021-03-10 21:44:29.865 inishell[5176:32306] Exception calling 
directoryDidChange: on delegate <QNSOpenSavePanelDelegate: 
0x7f9a9dd42260> exception=-[NSNull length]: unrecognized selector 
sent to instance 0x7fff8d2f7000}

Created: 7 months 20 days ago by Mathias Bavay

Updated: 6 months 15 days ago

Status: Fixed

Owner: Mathias Bavay

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