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How to get started with Inishell

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First, we would thank you for your interest in Inishell. And we would like as a starting point to explain you what Inishell is and is not:

  • Inishell is a dynamic generator of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) based on an XML representation of the semantics of the data that has to be provided by the user;
  • Inishell can therefore be used by many different application without having to edit a single line of its code;
  • Adding support for a new application only requires the user to copy a few XML files
  • Inishell is not a hand-crafted GUI for one specific application, therefore the layout is quite repetitive.

This document will now explain you how to download Inishell and how to compile it according to your needs.

Getting Inishell

See page Getting-Inishell.

Compiling Inishell

See page Compiling-Inishell.

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