INIshell-ng Git Change Log

Age Message
5 hours 49 minutes Now the outputs come last and the InputEditing section has been added
17 days 10 hours Bumping the version number, adding a manifest file for archive uploads on
18 days 12 hours Merge branch 'master' of
18 days 12 hours The Despiking filter arguments were wrong...
19 days 8 hours Removed the INI file entry field from Snowpack's workflow.

Manually entering anything other than ${inifile} was preventing the
simulation from running (the ini file could not be found anymore), so
for now this possibility has been removed (commented out in the XML). At
some point, we could decide to re-implement this feature but we would
need to make sure it works fine (so the simulation really runs from the
right path and the inif ile would be transparently loaded into the
configuration panel. Adding a file selector would almost be mandatory as
well as the possibility to drag n drop files into this entry widget)
20 days 5 hours Fix a spacer that was left too big a number of revisions ago
21 days 14 hours Fixed a small error: the snowfile should be provided as filename, not file and path!
24 days 5 hours The filters time restrictions have been implemented

And some mandatory parameters that were not tagged as such have been
properly marked as mandatory
1 month 2 days Added two new options to SMET outputs
1 month 5 days Added two new options to CsvIO and marked more integer inputs as "notoggle"
1 month 8 days Snowdrift was missing for Alpine3D
1 month 9 days trying to get a better name for temporary ini previews...
1 month 9 days Merge branch 'master' of
1 month 9 days Added two new options related to component date/time in MeteoIO's CSV plugin
1 month 17 days Pushed version number to 2.0.4

The goal is to have a version that covers all needs of the upcoming
Alpine3D release
1 month 17 days Added missing NetCDF option and new ALpine3D glaciers' options
1 month 17 days Fixed two broken links
1 month 18 days Adde one more search PATH for binaries to accomodate use cases such as Snowpack

This should only be the case for Mac (case sensitive filesystem and
sometimes inconsistent naming)
1 month 18 days Packing meteoio_timeseries into Mac's Bundle. A smart way to toggle it on/off would be welcomed...
1 month 18 days The version number was not right...

Since we already had version 2.0.3b, it could not be 2.0.2!
1 month 18 days Added all missing keys in MeteoIO and Snowpack, bumped version number to 2.0.2
1 month 18 days Fixed a small problem: now dmgs generated on mac overwrite the previous version by default
1 month 18 days Fixed a typo, improved the error message

On the lon term, I would prefer Ctrl+Left / Right to change tabs
compared to the more complex Tab key shortcut. But this would require
setting an event filter on the QPlainTextEdit to re-assign the shortcut
(we don't necessarily need to move word by word here).
1 month 18 days Improvements to the PreviewEditor.

Files opened from the filesystem are now read only and not marked as
"modified". A tooltip listing the major shortcuts has been added. The
regex for coordinates has been improved (it is now the same as at the
other places in Inishell).

Otherwise, re-ordering of the variables declaration for better
1 month 19 days Update German language file (and add a few translation calls)