INIshell-ng Git Change Log

Age Message
1 month 2 hours Improved the CSV plugin: one more option, better help and fixed a wrong input validation
1 month 2 days renamed the undst filter into shift, removed time restrictions on the time filters (as this is not applicable)
1 month 5 days A bug has been found where the user manually edits the run path in a workflow and makes it invalid...

The problem is that the command that should run does not run and we show
an error message saying that the command could not be found when it fact
it was an invalid run path... A hacky way of catching this kind of
errors has been implemented, but it wold be better to be able to show an
error message in the log window instead of only in the status bar.
1 month 6 days Added the METEOINDEX generator to MeteoIO's generators
1 month 7 days Added some documentation to the EXCLUDE Input Data Editing for MeteoIO
1 month 13 days Added the new METADATA editing command
1 month 14 days More flexibility in a regex for time ranges
1 month 14 days Adding the latest changes from MeteoIO: time and station restrictions for generators and creators
1 month 21 days Now enclosing the config file+path in quotes, so spaces in paths are correctly handled
1 month 21 days Now supporting the new syntax for data generators and CREATE input editing command
1 month 21 days Changing the sections' order: the generators should come after resampling (more logical)
1 month 24 days A key to enter a file name had the wrong type (text)
1 month 28 days Merge branch 'master' of
1 month 28 days Fixing the spatial resampling

Some keys were missing, some documentation was missing, etc
2 months 1 hour Document new SNOWLINE 2d interpolation
2 months 3 days Added station IDs restrictions to the data generators

Unfortunatelly, it was not possible to rely on the '@' template
parameter, so lots of XML is duplicated...
2 months 3 days Standardized the colors in the dev help
2 months 3 days Constification...
2 months 4 days Trivial code tweaks
2 months 4 days Added one new merge strategy and better labels
2 months 14 days Added the new options to automerge
2 months 18 days Improved help text
2 months 18 days Now supporting MeteoIO's latest Input Editing syntax
2 months 27 days Now the outputs come last and the InputEditing section has been added
3 months 14 days Bumping the version number, adding a manifest file for archive uploads on