INIshell-ng Git Change Log

Age Message
1 year 7 months User settings are case-sensitive (tiny performance edge in INIParser), this was not matching the settings page. Clear a warning.
1 year 7 months The AllSky parametrizations are now sorted and the new Carmona has been added
1 year 7 months Now enabling release compile by default

A small inconsistency has been fixed in (now using the
background color instead of hard-coded white). The PATH is now expanded
to include the directory where inishell is (this will be convenient for
packaging with small applications). The NSIS templates for Windows have
been copied, but there is still work to do before it can be useful.
1 year 7 months The logger buttons were the only elements that weren't respecting the font size properly... so now they are built more cleanly and do that.

This mechanisms of keeping things left-aligned is a little tedious, but
it looks like this should be done throughout INIshell's panels at some
point... would get rid of the spacer and some (hypothetical) problems.
1 year 7 months Erase 'close settings' menu. There is now a very visible tab close button and no other program has this. ESC still works.
1 year 7 months Thanks to the bold items I see that the preview toolbar was not being disabled together with the menu. Thanks to the Preview editor I see that loading the settings would cause the application name to change.
1 year 7 months Fixed a stupid bug on Windows
1 year 7 months Marking some groups as non-capturing in the lat/lon parser regex

Otherwise, the coordinates provided to the geoservice were wrong...
1 year 7 months Making osX and Linux use the same PATH extension
1 year 7 months Improved error message when the application exe can not be found

As well as a minot tweak in the project file
1 year 7 months Improving a few icons for Mac
1 year 7 months Now we can produce self-contained dmg files for osX
1 year 7 months Show a close tab button for the settings page
1 year 7 months Oups, missing the cc file
1 year 7 months Renamed the "performant" option into "pre-generate"

Of course, this means that "performant=true" must be replaced by
"pre-generate=false" for the same behavior.
1 year 7 months Adding the missing icons

Some new icons have been added
1 year 7 months Icons and colors tweaks

A few more icons have been added and a few colors tweaked for the dark
theme (sorry)
1 year 7 months Don't push menus to the right on macOS
1 year 7 months Remember working directory selection
1 year 7 months Minor enhancements and numerous fixes in the preview menu. Add 'add header' entry.
1 year 7 months Duplicate fix for ticket 823
1 year 7 months Add preview menu to convert spaces to tabs and vice versa

Some cleanup.
1 year 7 months Add menu option to preview to show whitespaces.

Unfortunately this seems to care about our syntax highlighting and I
can't find how to change the paragraph sign's color.
1 year 7 months Fix small merge conflict regarding new icons
1 year 7 months When showing the help, in addition to the section the key of a frame can be given - this will flash the frame's border, enabling contextual help.