INIshell-ng Git Change Log

Age Message
1 year 5 months Added links to the docuemntation for every MeteoIO filter
1 year 5 months Renamed the "applications" folder into inishell-apps

This is necesary for the packaging (it is much beter to have an
"inishell-apps" folder in /usr/share than an "applications" folder)
1 year 5 months Adde the new SUPPR filter option

And fixed an inconsistent option (between SUPPR on single parameters and
on time).
1 year 5 months Tackling issue 835

When both a default value and precision=... where provided in the xml
file, the precision was reset to the default precision. Now the default
precision is reset to the XML provided precision.

In order to give the user the required flexibility to enter the numeric
values he/she wants to, precision specifications have been almost
everywhere in the xml files (a few places still rely on the default
settings because it makes sense). The units have also been added where
1 year 5 months new "filename" type for the file selector

This addresses issue 834: files that will be read from a METEOPATH
should be stripped of their path otherwise the path appears twice. On
the other hand, this means that since there is no link to the METEOPATH
(or similar variable), we don't know which directory the files belong
to, so we can not validate anything (beside non-empty file name). This
is better than generating a wrong configuration file but still not
1 year 5 months Support for '-' in stations' IDs

When doing a merge, keep, exclude, etc that rely on a station ID, since
the user might have little control over the station ID we need to be
able to support some flexible naming (including containing '-').
1 year 5 months Warning associated to the DATA_QA_LOGS

Since this might generate large logs, this could be necessary...
1 year 5 months Fixed a wrongly named key

The virtual stations are given as "VSTATIONx", not "POSITIONx"!
Moreover, more links to the online documentation have been added and the
syntax highlighting (in the PreviewWindow) now supports the coordinates
specifications (otherwise, coordinates provided with ";" were shown as
1 year 6 months Mini-cleanup
1 year 6 months Improve Number panel's precision display handling
1 year 6 months Fix issue where keys would not be deleted properly on request. Much better "unsaved changes" warning.

It should finally be relatively clear to the user what happens when an
INI is opened, and closed seemingly without changing anything - namely
that the application may have inserted mandatory keys.
1 year 6 months Mark known substitutions in FilterParticle.

For the Kalman filter this is not possible yet because of changes
requiring anything entered in a Number's expression to be a complete
1 year 6 months Fixed a typo
1 year 6 months One option was missing for the SUPPR filter
1 year 6 months Updated the SUPPR filter according to the latest changes in MeteoIO
1 year 6 months The styling was done at the wrong place in PreviewWindow, leading to high cpu usage

Moreover, the license for the lines numbering has been clarified and is
now advertised in the About window
1 year 6 months Tweaks to the default values of some applications

The goal being to avoid writing out lots of keys that already have
defaults in their respective applications
1 year 6 months Moving toward a better handling of MeteoIO's binaries

Now MeteoIO provides a first application: meteoio_timeseries and it is
handled by the meteoio workflow (instead of the hacky data_converter).

Small touch up on the Numbers: default decimal precision is now 2 (for a
precision up to the percent)
1 year 7 months That one line slipped through again... cf. last commit
1 year 7 months Modernize signal mapping in PreviewEdit (better compile time checks), re-add line number safety margin (sorry, my oversight).
1 year 7 months Merge branch 'master' of
1 year 7 months Fix warnings

(old style cast, and "no out-of-line virtual method definitions")
1 year 7 months Merge branch 'master' of
1 year 7 months Oups, fixing a butchered merge...
1 year 7 months Tricked myself and git - quick edit