INIshell-ng Git Change Log

Age Message
5 months 23 days The version number was not right...

Since we already had version 2.0.3b, it could not be 2.0.2!
5 months 23 days Added all missing keys in MeteoIO and Snowpack, bumped version number to 2.0.2
5 months 24 days Fixed a small problem: now dmgs generated on mac overwrite the previous version by default
5 months 24 days Fixed a typo, improved the error message

On the lon term, I would prefer Ctrl+Left / Right to change tabs
compared to the more complex Tab key shortcut. But this would require
setting an event filter on the QPlainTextEdit to re-assign the shortcut
(we don't necessarily need to move word by word here).
5 months 24 days Improvements to the PreviewEditor.

Files opened from the filesystem are now read only and not marked as
"modified". A tooltip listing the major shortcuts has been added. The
regex for coordinates has been improved (it is now the same as at the
other places in Inishell).

Otherwise, re-ordering of the variables declaration for better
5 months 25 days Update German language file (and add a few translation calls)
5 months 26 days Two consts
5 months 26 days Document and allow to customize working directory.

5 months 26 days Implement file dropping into the Preview Editor.

The drag & drop behaviour of the text editor itself is kept as-is
(moving text blocks with the mouse etc., and also inserting file names
if dropped into the text area) because we don't want to re-implement all
of this ourselves.
However, we display a guidance text if a user drags files over the text
area telling them where to drop them to open.
5 months 26 days Clear status message when clearing the log
5 months 26 days Add Preview Editor menu entry to open an existing INI file
5 months 27 days Now the binary search PATH is printed before each command is executed.

Ideally, it should onyl be printed the first time a command is executed
(this is useful for users who have multiple versions of a binary as it
is the only way to have a chance to figure out which one will be
called). Otherwise, minor constifications in
5 months 27 days Added one search path that will be convenient for packaging
6 months 5 days Fix spacing in settings XML also
6 months 5 days Remove forgotten debug include
6 months 5 days Very minor doc enhancements and cleanup
6 months 5 days The Spacer options were completely messed up...

Height and width set in XML have just been ignored (they were expected
as option nodes, not attributes).
This has been fixed. Please revisit your spacer sizes...
6 months 5 days Auto-refresh Apps when saving settings
6 months 5 days Promote HACK to "we know what we're doing"

We agreed that "it's a feature not a bug", the issue is closed, and I'm
still certain that this is necessary and ok. Hence, I'm humbly replacing
the "HACK" flag with normal documentation.
6 months 13 days Now use the QString constructor

Sorry, this line was different previously ;-)
6 months 13 days Fix a missing const
6 months 13 days Un-hide Datepicker on key presses

If a user starts just entering stuff then we show the value, even if it
may not be valid yet.
6 months 13 days Document new Datetime panel
6 months 13 days Add possibility for Datepicker panel to be empty

Same convoluted mechanism as for the Number panel, but so far it's a bit
easier here.
6 months 13 days Add date/time picker input panel

The format string decides whether to display date, time, or both.