INIshell-ng Git Change Log

Age Message
7 months 21 days Push version to 2.0.6
7 months 21 days Remove more instances of "DontUseNativeDialog"

Cf. updated issue 872 for the problem this brings, but it should at
least be consistent
7 months 21 days Update German language file
7 months 21 days Remove test XML for adequately tested features
7 months 28 days Added the STRICT option to the MAD filter
7 months 29 days Added the new flag ENABLE_TIMESERIES_EDITING
7 months 29 days changed some default parameters for the despiking filter
8 months 12 hours Implemented issue 874

Now specifying validation="coordinates" validates the string against a
fixed coordinates regex and either prints the warning sign or a globe.
8 months 22 hours Added new ENABLE_XXX_FILTERING keys, code factorization in 1dinterpolations and new option for decimal dates in CSV plugin
8 months 1 day Fix wrongly localized expressions

Cf. issue 873
8 months 14 days Finally rename "gui_elements" into "panels"

The name was a relict from the very first day of project structuring,
but this name here makes for much much nicer tab-completing to source
file names...
8 months 14 days Update tinyexpr external library
8 months 14 days Merge branch 'master' of

Merge "file selector" changes
8 months 14 days Add "validity" button to Number panel

Also a logic change: The Number panel does not allow free text
anymore, i. e. if something is entered it _must_ be an expression (at
least for the warning to go away).
An exception are plain numbers, also possible in scientific notation.

I. e.:
2+2 <-- not ok
text <-- not ok
${{2+2}} <-- OK
${env:VAR} <-- OK
123 <-- OK
10e-3 <-- OK
(empty) <-- OK
8 months 14 days Switching to native file selectors (and hoping this looks OK)

This should fix issue 872 where mounted shares are not visible on Mac
8 months 14 days Remove dev help ex. for referencing INI keys

This worked when the help file was its own "application" in the main
GUI. Would be no problem to generalize, but "for the moment" just note it
like this.
8 months 14 days Check for coordinates only if no custom regex is given

This way, if a "validate=..." property is set in the XML, this has
priority and the warning triangle is shown if coordinates are entered
(which do not fit the user specified regex).
8 months 14 days Integration improvement for validity markers

No more "invisible" link, added tooltips
8 months 14 days New validation markers in text fields

Now we have small icons to make things clearer
8 months 14 days Minor structure changes

... to prepare having "valid" icon
8 months 14 days Switch some icons to text (thanks Mathias)

Also switch warning colors
8 months 17 days Fixed some bugs in the xml files
8 months 21 days Much better way of finding panels to highlight

There was some messed up code left from when it was only frames we could
highlight. Much better now.
8 months 21 days Fix insert missing keys in Preview Editor
8 months 21 days Fix "do not show" for tab closing

When this setting was split up from another one, one place was forgotten.