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Jan 6, 2020
16 days 9 hours Remove memory check for dummy Qt executable as this did not really prove useful in profiling and might be a little confusing.
16 days 9 hours Fix some memory leaks found by valgrind. Most importantly, a menu does not take ownership of a QAction.
16 days 10 hours Remove status message after reading an INI to preserve warnings, minor tweaks
16 days 11 hours Disable panels' context menus for grouping elements that could show up on a few pixels. Minor XML tweaks and (very) minor code optimization.
16 days 22 hours Improve SNOWPACK stability corrections documentation, and a try to make a setup with very many filters more readable.
Jan 5, 2020
17 days 13 hours Clean up the XMLParser
Jan 4, 2020
18 days 9 hours For references, replace the nodes instead of appending (to preserve the order of declaration). Add log message if reference is n/a
Dec 30, 2019
23 days 4 hours In a Replicator, start from 0 if that's what's in the INI (e. g. STATION0). The + button will still always start at 1.
24 days 27 minutes Issue 814, Cosmetic INI discrepancies
24 days 47 minutes Add short info text about why the INIParser's == check asserts false, fix special case where an integer would be transformed to a float with decimals (thus failing the equality check)
24 days 1 hour Extend the TerminalView's context menu with a 'clear' entry. Add German translation for welcome text
Dec 29, 2019
25 days 1 hour Because there was no way to completely reset a Numbers panel (there can't not be a number in a spin box) this is now possible via a generic context menu in all panels. Restructure the menu a little to make these functions more clear
Dec 24, 2019
30 days 1 hour Fix expression parsing styling that was broken with some previous cleanup
30 days 1 hour Another hotfix for propagating Replicator numbers... now, replace only the first occurrence of '#' so keys like 'TA::FILTER#::ARG#' work
Dec 23, 2019
30 days 5 hours Log INI errors in command line mode to console instead of opening a message box, and some readability.
30 days 9 hours Add description of ZRXP plugin to MeteoIO XML. Add XML shortcut 'h' for 'help', minor styling. Iniqueryparser handles substitutions in keys now. Remove obsolete warning.
Dec 22, 2019
1 month 3 hours Also use base path for exclude files
1 month 3 hours Add missing documentation to iniqueryparser as well as an option to specify a code base path, minor cleanup. Correct typo in settings page
1 month 4 hours Add keyboard shortcut F5 to refresh Applications and Simulations
1 month 4 hours Disable actions that need to be disabled when resetting the GUI

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