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Mar 1, 2020
7 months 22 days Allow to bypass performance savings in Alternative panel to always build all options. This is useful for Alternatives that are purely cosmetical (splitting up settings, showing/hiding elements)
7 months 22 days If a grid is used as vertical collection of panels do not enable space savings for it
7 months 22 days Improvements to the working directory choice
7 months 22 days Only display errors when opening the settings file if the file already exists (no confusing errors on the first program startup). Show in the status if something has happened on startup. Fix autoload feature by re-adding lost settings node.
7 months 22 days Listen to return/enter key events in the Selector and click + button if heard
7 months 22 days Extend the Selector to be able to hide the dropdown menu and use a single text field via a new 'textmode' attribute.
7 months 22 days Remember splitter sizes also when hiding/showing the Workflow - this makes toggling the Workflow via the menu much more user friendly
Feb 29, 2020
7 months 24 days Add missing translation tags and update German language file
7 months 24 days Make some options case-insensitive
7 months 24 days Enable/disable the 'close settings' menu appropriatly
7 months 24 days In a Checkbox, handle "t/f" in addition to "true/false" and "1/0". Correct bug where saving an INI from the preview would have the file name twice
7 months 24 days Correct default path INIshell would mis-remember when opening a file picking dialog to save an INI.
7 months 24 days For Alternative panels that show verbose texts standing for a concise INI key (like the Filter list), show the true value as tool tip in addition to the optional item help.
7 months 24 days Make the key labels' texts selectable (e. g. to copy to a new file)
7 months 24 days Small XML and color fixes, minor but wide-spread code cleanup, typos.
7 months 24 days Address some code readability concerns
7 months 24 days Use native separators when a file name is output in errors, log messages, ...
7 months 24 days Now that different styling elements are used (font italics, font color, background color) we need to handle it separately.
Feb 28, 2020
7 months 25 days Better handling of relative paths in the workflow
7 months 25 days Merging dumb git conflicts

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