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Nov 28, 2019
10 months 25 days Disable 'save' button in errors
10 months 25 days Use higher resolution SLF logo, add .icns INIshell icon for Mac
10 months 25 days Take a different route for the macOS styling. Unfortunately, I don't see a way to preserve the native look, cf. the comments.
10 months 25 days Add bigger hints about what to do if no applications/simulations are found. Minor styling improvement.
Nov 27, 2019
10 months 26 days Revert small cleanup -- forgot why I did it that way in the first place
10 months 26 days Use new settings wrapper for last visited INI folder and add context menu to open INI files and folders on the file system
10 months 26 days Scan multiple hardcoded folders for applications and simulations, as well as the two custom paths that can still be set. Now, XMLs with the 'application' tags go in the Applications view and those with 'simulation' tags go in the Simulations view, n…
10 months 26 days Add Selector help, Helptext tooltip help, don't transport Replicator help to children, 'Refresh' button for XML view
10 months 26 days Make include files in XMLs relative to their parent XML file instead of the master XML.
10 months 26 days Buttons can click other buttons (for a 'run all' button)
10 months 26 days Wrapper function to get/set XML settings
10 months 26 days Slight modifications to improve macOS integration; most importantly we shouldn't set hardcoded button sizes
10 months 26 days Skip all the steps of manual Selector panel remove (status messages, etc.), which also fixes a subtle bug where a map iterator would become invalidated
10 months 26 days Change a color
10 months 27 days Color workflow tabs that are read from XML (not hardcoded) differently
Nov 26, 2019
10 months 27 days Display file icon if none is specified by the user
10 months 27 days Promote 'Simulations' view from byproduct to feature:
10 months 27 days Switch the workflow command buttons to a 'Stop process' button when processes are running
10 months 27 days More (and more detailed) error messages in the workflow panel, log those errors to the main log also. Don't clear them with a timer, but rather on the next button click
10 months 27 days Revert back to using a QComboBox in the Selector, not our own Dropdown, because we would have to disable even more of its features (children) and don't gain much by the added complexity.

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