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Nov 10, 2011
8 years 2 months Thanks to ant we are able to include the miglayout.jar classes directly in the inishell.jar - thus only the jar is needed to run the inishell GUI
Commit 54, by Thomas Egger
8 years 2 months The CopyPanel was removed - its agendas are fully covered by the SelectorPanel
Commit 53, by Thomas Egger
8 years 2 months The JAR now uses the meteoio_config.xml located in trunk/src/resources per default when it starts up.
Commit 52, by Thomas Egger
8 years 2 months Cleaned up the XSD, now no warnings are isplayed anymore when parsing the meteoio_config.xml
Commit 51, by Thomas Egger
Nov 9, 2011
8 years 2 months Big update for the SelectorPanel: Now all sections can make use of it, including the [Input] COPY::param feature. All basic MeteoIO configurations are now working. XSD needs to be adapted slightly.
Commit 50, by Thomas Egger
8 years 2 months Now the CheckBoxPanel preserves the order the user clicks checkboxes in (necessary for the 2D interpolation algorithms)
Commit 49, by Thomas Egger
Nov 8, 2011
8 years 2 months Added the WINDOW_SIZE key to the [Interpolations1D] section
Commit 48, by Thomas Egger
8 years 2 months Completed Interpolations2D section. All available algorithms that currently exist in MeteoIO are now configurable. Added more features to the TextfieldPanel: user may specify that a textfield has to be set (optional="false"), otherwise a warning wil
Commit 47, by Thomas Egger
Nov 7, 2011
8 years 2 months Further enhancements: Now section [Filters] and [Interpolations1D] are fully operable. A lot of small and big issues have been tackled: 1) The selectorpanel is now more generic, thus it may be used anywhere with a templated child node 2) The NumberF
Commit 46, by Thomas Egger
8 years 2 months Further enhancement in order to be able to deal with our filter algorithms: a new option element called dropdown may be used to create simple drop down boxes. The median_avg filter is added for illustration
Commit 45, by Thomas Egger
Nov 6, 2011
8 years 2 months Big update: a new Panel called SelectorPanel is introduced. It allows the user to specify which parameters to use in the filter, interpolation1d and interpolation2d section. Furthermore all classes have been adpated to become more flexible and custom
Commit 44, by Thomas Egger
Nov 2, 2011
8 years 2 months The example meteoio_config.xml is now fully operable for plugins SMET and SNIO in [Input] and [Output] section. The build.xml now makes shure that the miglayout jar is added to the inishell jar.
Commit 43, by Thomas Egger
Oct 10, 2011
8 years 3 months New structure for this project: a ant build.xml is located in the trunk directory. You can build and run the inishell app by simply typing 'ant run' in the trunk folder. - the directory structure has been adapted to be more appropriate for a java p
Commit 42, by Thomas Egger
Apr 29, 2011
8 years 8 months Save and preview buttons only perform action when a file is open.
8 years 8 months Use crystal icons.
8 years 8 months Added license to all files.
8 years 8 months Added license to all files.
8 years 8 months Added GNU license texts.
8 years 8 months Added some parameters to the minimal example to show how the reference works.
8 years 8 months The "open file" dialog starts in the directory of the jar file.

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