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Mar 25, 2013
6 years 10 months code cleanup
Commit 134, by Mathias Bavay
Mar 22, 2013
6 years 11 months Added support for the data generators of MeteoIO
Commit 133, by Mathias Bavay
Mar 12, 2013
6 years 11 months Better help text for the WINDOW_SIZE parameter
Commit 132, by Mathias Bavay
Mar 4, 2013
6 years 11 months Fixed two typos in snowpack_config (wrong ' and extra space) and updated alpine3d_config to the same level as snowpack_config
Commit 131, by Mathias Bavay
Feb 23, 2013
7 years 1 day Comment PROF_DAYS_BETWEEN as TS_DAYS_BETWEEN; Set default for HARDNESS_IN_NEWTON to false.
Commit 130, by Charles Fierz
Feb 16, 2013
7 years 8 days Added a SNOWPATH to the output; Both SNOWPATH have now no default, as it defaults to METEOPATH otherwise. Adapted a few comments and a few default values to
Commit 129, by Charles Fierz
Feb 4, 2013
7 years 20 days Added the new WATERTANSPORTMODEL keys in SnowpackAdvanced
Commit 128, by Mathias Bavay
Jan 30, 2013
7 years 25 days Removing an unnecessary io.ini in the examples and fixing some issues with the "pack" target: the jar and the sh files are now executable in the generated zip file.
Commit 127, by Mathias Bavay
Jan 8, 2013
7 years 1 month some more fixes for the alpine3d xml file
Commit 126, by Mathias Bavay
7 years 1 month Adding the config file for Alpine3D (we will need to move these files to their respective projects at some point and figure out an elegant way of building application specific jars)
Commit 125, by Mathias Bavay
Dec 21, 2012
7 years 2 months Tagging release 1.0.0
Commit 124, by Mathias Bavay
7 years 2 months An help and a pack targets have been added. The version number is now x.y.z.
Commit 123, by Mathias Bavay
Dec 18, 2012
7 years 2 months Add the classify_profile switch for Snowpack
Commit 122, by Mathias Bavay
Dec 7, 2012
7 years 2 months A snowpack key has been renamed. If the user tries to save his ini file to a file name that does not use ".ini" for an extension, the extension is automatically added.
Commit 121, by Mathias Bavay
Dec 5, 2012
7 years 2 months Help text touch up in snowpack_config, better indentation in build.xml as well as more properties for the MANIFEST (including version information, date, time) and primitive version information in the titlebar (an "About" popup window would be much be
Commit 120, by Mathias Bavay
Dec 3, 2012
7 years 2 months Add PRECIP_RATES for snowpack output
Commit 119, by Mathias Bavay
Nov 27, 2012
7 years 2 months Improved documentation and grouping for Snowpack
Commit 118, by Mathias Bavay
Nov 22, 2012
7 years 3 months Updated key name for Snowpack and better help text
Commit 117, by Mathias Bavay
Nov 3, 2012
7 years 3 months Reflecting recent changes to meteoio: GENERAL::PLUGINPATH is no longer necessary, there are no dynamically loadable plugins, everything is bundled in libmeteoio.
Commit 116, by Thomas Egger
Oct 31, 2012
7 years 3 months slighytly improved help text for the UTM zone
Commit 115, by Mathias Bavay

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