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Not-so-brief changelog of MeteoIO-2.1.1

This is the changelog for MeteoIO release 2.1.1

  • bug fix, code cleanup

    • fixed a segfault case
    • buffering of grids was leading to massive memory usage. A circular buffer has been implemented that fixes it, therefore dramatically reducing memory consumption and improving speed.
    • the getJulianDayNumber could be totally wrong... this has been fixed
    • the slope calculation in DEMObject was not data compliant, this has been fixed
    • more fixes for type correctness
    • code cleanup, several hacks removed/fixed
    • more VC++ warnings addressed (some have been silenced because they were not legitimate)
  • plugins

    • geotop data reading speed improvements
    • a new SMET library has been developed that does not depend on MeteoIO (even if it is a part of it). It can be used to read/write SMET files in other applications
    • SMET reading has been optimized and is now significantly faster
    • the GSN plugin has been updated to the newest version of the GSN webservice. It works with Linux, Windows and Mac
    • if an outgoing long wave radiation value is given, it will transparently compute a surface temperature (for SMET and GSN)
  • statistics, spatial interpolations

    • a least squares regression class has been implemented. The developer can provide his own statistical model, and offer it through this class, that would automatically compute the parameters of the fit. This class is totally transparent and also implements all the previously used monodimensional statistical models (ie: with a special case for simple linear regression, for noisy linear regression and a few others).
    • the statistical methods and classes have been reorganized in a more consistent way
    • a method for computing quantiles has been implemented
    • a spatial resampling mechanism has been implemented, a bilinear interpolation algorithm (currently not user configurable)
    • a first working implementation of ordinary kriging has been tested. This is not yet offered to the end user, pending further optimizations and testing, but so far the results are extremely encouraging (it is much faster than expected)
  • documentation, runtime reporting

    • documentation updates
    • documentation index file, sitting above the html directory and redirecting to the correct index
    • arrays errors now have much clearer error messages (that should improve debuging)
    • better error messages for plugin loading
    • a version string is now added to the library when compiling and can be retrieve by calling getLibVersion()
    • in debug mode, boundaries are checked in arrays/grids. When compiling in release mode, these checks are disabled (for performance)
  • packaging

    • cleanup of the CMakefiles
    • the installation on Windows create a registry key that is afterward used to detect the MeteoIO installed path (for cmake)
    • autodetection now works totally automatically on Windows
    • the icons should now match the Microsoft specifications
    • packages for Windows are now fully integrated and fully automatic, both for Visual C++ and Code::Blocks
    • the OSX packages have not yet been fully tested, but no major issues are expected, lots of work has been done on them
  • various

    • partial pivoting implemented in the matrix class
    • a method to retrieve the current user name has been implemented
    • the handling of dates has been slightly optimized. This leads to a slight speed improvement

Created: 7 years 3 months ago
by Mathias Bavay