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Not-so-brief changelog of MeteoIO-2.1.2

This is the changelog for MeteoIO release 2.1.2

  • Bug fixes:
    • SMET reading (processing of OLWR, timezone, mksa factors)
    • ARPSIO grid reading (wrong reading order)
    • min and max filters: always "soft"
    • Array2D scalar division (dividing twice)
    • serious warning fixed on Windows
    • typing issues fixed on Mac
  • Improvements, cleanup
    • major performance improvement: the meteo parameters are NOT accessible as md.ta BUT as md(MeteoData::TA) or md("TA"). This leads to a x8 speedup. md.setdata() has similarly been replaced by md()= xxx
    • input parameter copy, with the COPY keyword
    • added setMinBufferRequirements() so an application can specify its buffering requirements. No need to artificially pre-read some data in the application anymore.
    • possibility to read 1D fit model as a string (ie: read as user input).
  • filters
    • MAD filter ported and validated
    • Small performance improvement by using vector.reserve()
    • some plugins add a default extension to their input data files if no extension was provided (SMETIO and SNIO)
    • a new filter has been created, HNW_MELT, to detect solid precipitation melting in an unheated rain gauge
  • plugins
    • key NROFSTATIONS removed for all plugins
    • GSNIO plugin code cleanup
    • filling more metadata in GSNIO: slope and azimuth, given in degrees or strings (ie: "NW"). Station name is also filled.
    • more metadata extracted from SNIO plugin
    • IMISIO now rejects precipitation data from stations that don't have heated rain gauges (default). It can be forced to take them in consideration with a configuration key.
  • compilation
    • static compilation optional for Linux and Mac (mandatory for Windows, otherwise the .lib don't get built)
    • warnings turned off when compiling imported gsoap files with VC++
    • popc adjustments
    • small adjustements so meteoio compiles for Android (but the plugins are not compiled yet, see issue 211)
  • Documentation
    • documentation and error messages expanded, improved and standardized

Created: 7 years 3 months ago
by Mathias Bavay