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Not-so-brief changelog of MeteoIO-2.4.1

  • API changes

    • removing the "iomanager.interpolate(... Grid2DObject)" call since the "iomanager.getMeteoData(... Grid2DObject)" call should be used instead (for consistency)
  • Documentation and packaging

    • more cross-links
    • obsolete content deleted
    • various updates and fixes
    • packaging improvements (specially osX)
  • Bug fixes

    • fixed a bug when calculating sunrise and sunset, impacting the potential radiation generator
    • bug fix in date rounding (when rounding to a day in non-GMT)
    • bug fix in Unsworth generator
    • bug fix when reading geolocalization
    • reading ARC headers case-insensitive (in order to support R created files)
    • fixed a case sensitivity bug in A3DIO
    • UTM bug: zones xxN were (wrongly) supposed to be in the southern hemipshere...
  • Plugins

    • new GSNIO plugin based on REST API
    • GeotopIO: fixed wrong units for atmospheric pressure
    • GeotopIO: Read SWdirect, SWdiffuse, CloudFactor and HeaderCloudSWTransmissivity
    • support discontinuous station numbering in GRIBIO
  • Processing Elements, Data Generators

    • new processing element (HNW_DISTRIBUTE) to redistribute precipitation over past time steps (for example, daily precipitation provided in an otherwise hourly file)
    • add a suppression filter
    • undercatch corrections for the Chinese Standard Precipitation Gauge and for the shielded Geonor gauge
    • Forland1996 undercatch correction and specific coefficients for Davos Weissflujoch
    • new data generator: Brutsaert for clear sky ILWR
  • Cleanup, optimizations

    • full rewrite of precipitation re-accumulation. All cases now properly work
    • code cleanup (size_t warnings, added some const/static)
    • new, optimized parsing of doubles in strings, about 3 times faster
    • speed optimizations in libsmet
    • speed optimization in BufferedIOHandler (removing unnecessary vector copy)
  • Various improvements and new features

    • data quality output that can be toggled at compile time
    • LIDW spatial interpolation method that perfoms IDW on a subset of the stations is working again
    • change the epsilon used for equality tests
    • new hillshade algorithm added to DEMObject

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by Mathias Bavay

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