meteoio Svn Change Log

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6 months 20 days Fixing formatting in Date::toString for negative years.
Commit 2818, by Nander Wever
6 months 28 days Adding the MeteoDataNew class, the future replacement of MeteoData. It preserves the interface that MeteoData provides but doesn't allocate any memory for the standard parameters - the idea is to be more memory efficient. Serialization and deseriali…
Commit 2817, by Thomas Egger
6 months 28 days Merge with main branch
Commit 2816, by Thomas Egger
7 months 1 day Correcting comment
Commit 2815, by Nander Wever
7 months 1 day Adding option RESAMPLING_STRATEGY = GRID_EXTRACT_PTS, which will request from the plugin only for the list of virtual stations, rather than requesting full grids and reading the points from the grid.
Commit 2814, by Nander Wever
7 months 9 days Merging changes from trunk into meteoseries branch
Commit 2813, by Thomas Egger
7 months 10 days Fixing time manipulation example in docs to reflect the absence of the dst member variable in the altered Date class
Commit 2812, by Thomas Egger
7 months 24 days Follow up on commit 2809: each dimension in the count array needs to be initialized with 1 in order for data to be read.
Commit 2811, by Nander Wever
7 months 25 days Make the netCDF plugin skip files without time dimension when listing grids.
Commit 2810, by Nander Wever
7 months 25 days Making the NetCDF plugin more flexible in that it now reads the dimension sequence for a variable, instead of assuming it is time, row, col.
Commit 2809, by Nander Wever
8 months 22 hours The DST (Daylight Saving Time) support in the Date class had never been used and seem like a quite bad idea in retrospect, therefore it has been removed. For input data that have DST, it is still possible to rely on the UnDST time filter to bring th…
Commit 2808, by Mathias Bavay
8 months 2 days The SOFT option in the MAD filter was being used both for the window definition and for the behavior when no window can be defined, leading to counter-intuitive behavior. There is now an additional STRICT option that defines how to handle the case w…
Commit 2807, by Mathias Bavay
8 months 2 days Now relying on MathML for equations in doxygen instead of pictures as well as some tunning for the visibility of enums, typedefs within classes and namespaces
Commit 2806, by Mathias Bavay
8 months 3 days There is now a flag to enable / disable the input editing for timeseries globally (as this can be useful when defining different processing levels)
Commit 2805, by Mathias Bavay
8 months 3 days Minor code styling, minor imporvements to the documentation and making the sensitivity parameter optional.
Commit 2804, by Mathias Bavay
8 months 5 days Two new keys have been added: enable_meteo_filtering and enable_time_filtering in order to be able to disable some filtering without having to comment out the whole section.
Commit 2803, by Mathias Bavay
8 months 11 days Adding the option to split output NetCDF file by variable and/or year using the [Output] keys NETCDF_SPLIT_BY_VAR and NETCDF_SPLIT_BY_YEAR, respectively.
Commit 2802, by Nander Wever
8 months 15 days Fixed an error message
Commit 2801, by Mathias Bavay
8 months 16 days Small simplification since kernel() only contains 0 or 1 (but Array2D<bool> does not work for a mysterious reason)
Commit 2800, by Mathias Bavay
8 months 16 days Minor changes: style (Kernel coding style, although I am guilty of some early code in Grid**Object not fully following it), constification, fixed some warnings (type casting) and fixed one bug (calling getNx() when it should have been getNy())
Commit 2799, by Mathias Bavay
8 months 16 days It is now possible to read decimal representations of dates (such as Excel, Matlab, etc) in CSV files
Commit 2798, by Mathias Bavay
8 months 16 days Added a first implementation of compute_spatial_mean() in Grid2Dobjects
Commit 2797, by Adrien Michel
8 months 16 days Remaned iswr_modeled to toa_h for clarity
Commit 2796, by Adrien Michel
8 months 16 days Corrected error in deserialization
Commit 2795, by Adrien Michel
8 months 17 days Making a private structure a standalone class in order to further expand it
Commit 2794, by Mathias Bavay

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