meteoio Svn Change Log

Age Message
4 days 22 hours Removed function definition that should come only in a next update and prevents compilation
Commit 2504, by Adrien Michel
5 days 15 hours Exposed list2DGrids for compatibility with streamflow
Commit 2503, by Adrien Michel
9 days 16 hours Documentation fixes: some code examples were using an invalid Date() call
Commit 2502, by Mathias Bavay
12 days 16 hours Improved documentation
Commit 2501, by Mathias Bavay
12 days 17 hours A new TimeFilter has been implemented to sort the timestamps in increasing order
Commit 2500, by Mathias Bavay
12 days 17 hours It is now possible to read and parse CSV files containing mulotiple stations in one file, each line containing a station ID. In this case, the requested station ID must be declared with the CSV#_ID parameter.
Commit 2499, by Mathias Bavay
13 days 18 hours Minor tweak to CsvIO
Commit 2498, by Mathias Bavay
19 days 10 hours Removal of two debugging loops. Why is this always so easy to see once it's online?
Commit 2497, by Michael Reisecker
19 days 10 hours Singular value decomposition implemented, albeit the most easy one, and therefore probably still not enough to tackle matrices that don't behave.
Commit 2496, by Michael Reisecker
19 days 16 hours One step towards singular values decomposition: Eigenvalues and vectors of symmetrical matrices via Jacobi. My code, so no license troubles. Further styling and updating a dead link.
Commit 2495, by Michael Reisecker
19 days 17 hours The handling of location information in the data section had been butchered by the latest changes to location handling, it is now properly done...
Commit 2494, by Mathias Bavay
19 days 22 hours Cosmetic changes: making sure we use ii, jj, kk etc indices so searches work better
Commit 2493, by Mathias Bavay
20 days 46 minutes Minor code cleanup in libsmet (factoring a little bit more the append/not append code). Improved documentation in Date as well as making internal arrays private. White spaces changes in Coords.
Commit 2492, by Mathias Bavay
20 days 12 hours Offering an alternative, completely independent, solver for linear systems via Gauss elimination with partial pivoting. Matrix inversion is about 2.4 times slower than the Doolittle version but it can handle rogue zeros at the diagonal.
Commit 2491, by Michael Reisecker
20 days 16 hours Interestingly, the reference lat/lon in the tests were slightly off, leading to errors when comparing the provided lat/lon with the re-computed lat/lon from easting/northing...
Commit 2490, by Mathias Bavay
20 days 19 hours So, the mysterious compilation messages related to strerror now make sense: depending on the include, it is either std::strerror or not part of std! It has been changed to be consistent...
Commit 2489, by Mathias Bavay
21 days 20 hours Trying to address issue 774: now when both lat/lon and east/north coordinates are provided, their consistency is checked (it used to be this way a while ago but somehow this behavior ceased, probably because of some refactoring in Coords).
Commit 2488, by Mathias Bavay
22 days 1 hour Fixed some missing includes and wrong namespace that prevented compiling...
Commit 2487, by Mathias Bavay
22 days 14 hours Ciao Eigen, you were just too big. Maybe we can learn from you that all arrays should have the same base class.
Commit 2486, by Michael Reisecker
22 days 14 hours Switching the particle and Kalman filter to the MeteoIO matrix class. The results are indistinguishable in the example program, and it's even 1/3rd faster. I hope I got all index increment transitions, needs retesting of the more 'obscure' features.
Commit 2485, by Michael Reisecker
22 days 15 hours A few matrix class enhancements to retrieve and set rows and cols by index, get the diagonal, the max coefficient with index, and resize with a data vector to init. Naive implementations, needs some love at some point...
Commit 2484, by Michael Reisecker
22 days 16 hours Adding a filter (RHWATERTOICE) to correct relative humidity over water for the full temperature range to relative humidity over ice when T below triple point and over water otherwise. For example useful for weather stations that report relative humi…
Commit 2483, by Nander Wever
22 days 21 hours Removing unnecessary Proj4 dependency of statistical_filters example, refining example in FilterMaths, mini cleanup.
Commit 2482, by Michael Reisecker
23 days 14 hours Renaming the traditional Makefile in order to make it clearer it is only an example... See issue 777
Commit 2481, by Mathias Bavay
23 days 22 hours One more memory usage optimization: we can actually know how many data points will be used when we encounter a new stations, so we can reserve the memory. Moreover, the debug symbols are now always generated when compiling the examples.
Commit 2480, by Mathias Bavay

Revision: HEAD