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tree doc 4 months 3 days 2506 reisecker: Adding some flexibility to NO_CHANGE by enabling to set the maximum allowed variance. Adding Nander's new filter to the documentation - guess that's alright since it was put in inishell? Some mini touch-ups here and there.
tree lib 7 years 13 days 1029 bavay: This directory is not needed anymore
tree meteoio 1 day 9 hours 2546 bavay: The handling of PINT in SMET was a big hack: if such a parameter was found, it was directly converted into PSUM within the plugin, leading to surprising properties for the user. In order to be more predictable, it is not done anymore, PINT is treated like any other non-standard parameter. Then the Aggregate filter can now sum a parameter over the last time step, so it can convert PINT into PSUM (depending on user feedback, we will see if it remains this way or if this should be done in a data generator / creator).
tree tests 4 months 24 days 2490 bavay: Interestingly, the reference lat/lon in the tests were slightly off, leading to errors when comparing the provided lat/lon with the re-computed lat/lon from easting/northing...
tree tools 1 month 27 days 2536 bavay: More warnings fixes for osx
blob CMakeLists.txt 9 months 26 days 2373 bavay: A plugin has been written to read Argos transmitted data. It is not yet usable! 18.06 kB
blob COPYING 10 years 1 month 157 bavay: The license information has been added: LPGLv3 headers in all header files, license texts as well as a Linux Software Map entry file. The installation procedure has been added to cmake configuration files (similar to the autotools) 35.15 kB
blob COPYING.LESSER 6 years 6 months 1123 bavay: Fixed the license file (issue 309), updated the documentation to include the SIN generator and fixed a wrong commit of the example io.ini 7.65 kB
blob License.txt 9 years 6 months 357 bavay: The missing License file has been added. A little bit of cleanup in CMakeLists (removing some code that is anyway not helping for hera). ImisIO and SmetIO have been slightly improved (retrieving full names if available in Imis, supporting several versions of the smet specification in SmetIO). The SMET specification should now be pretty much ready. Please provide your last comments before version 1.0!! 7.65 kB
blob meteoio.lsm 1 year 5 days 2290 bavay: Updating the elements that have been used by the release 689 bytes
blob Readme.txt 1 year 7 months 2116 bavay: Replaced obsolete references to the old slfsmm domain... 355 bytes
blob Welcome.txt 8 years 6 months 643 bavay: The Welcome and Readme texts have been swapped. A new index file has been made for the html documentation, that sits above the html directory and redirects to the proper page. Some unnecessary (and commented) lines for cpack have been cleaned up. A warning has been silenced for Visual C++ (float to double cast in the Quake3 optimized square root). 1.04 kB

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