The goal of niViz is to interactively generate a variety of plots from either measured or simulated snow profiles including auxiliary data (such as meteorological time series). This works in a web browser either online or offline. This software is available under GNU Affero General Public License, see

Four examples can be visualized online:

  • A single snow profile [CAAML file]

  • A timeline of simulated SNOWPACK profiles [PRO file] or a simplified view of it (as used by the Swiss Avalanche Warning Service).

  • A timeseries of meteorological forcing, fluxes, snow temperatures, etc. can be visualized [SMET file].

After having launched niViz, you can visualize any of your own files provided the format is one of the above.

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Development Team
Mathias Bavay
Charles Fierz
Happy Crew
Thomas Egger
Tobias Zumsteg

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