Issue 614: Visualization settings: axes limits, units, ...

Reported by Riccardo Scandroglio, May 18, 2017

When I open a SMET file that has been produced with Snowpack, 
Snopviz reads the visualization settings (axes' limits, units, 
colors, ...) from the SMET file. 

Anyway, in my Snopviz, under Datei/Einstellungen, I already have my 
personal settings and I would like Snopwiz to use those settings and 
not the ones in the SMET file. 
Right now every time I have to open the SMET file and delete the 
"plot" lines of the HEADING, to be able to use my 
favourite view. 

Expected result:
Snopviz should use my settings (the ones that are normally in 
Snopviz) and not the ones from the SMET-file.

- you could add the possibility to choose which setting to use in 
the menu Datei.
- would be more practical to be able to change the axes' limimts 
directly from the interface (maybe also synchronized).

Comment 1 by Charles Fierz, May 26, 2017

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Comment 2 by Michael Reisecker, Apr 10, 2019


a little late, but FYI: You don't need to delete those lines 
manually, you can set SMET_PLOT_HEADERS = FALSE in [OUTPUT] of 
MeteoIO/SNOWPACK; niViz will handle that anyway.

(I still agree though that the user settings should be respected, 
especially since it's the same thing for plot limits which are 
sometimes wrong and then there's no way to view all data.)


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