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How to get started with niViz


There are three possibilities to use niViz:

  • by going to and clicking on Run niViz;
  • by downloading a package to run niViz locally on your computer (so it will also work offline)
  • by downloading niViz from git and building it yourself (so you can tailor its packaging, contribute to its development, etc)

Downloading a local version

In the Downloads, you can find zip file that contains niViz. Download it an unpack it on your computer. Then simply open niviz/index.html in a browser (by double-cliking on it, for example).

Batch generation

It is also possible to generate graphical representations of profiles (as SVG or PNG) or convert between formats (CAAML5 to CAAML6 for example) in batch mode. In order to do it, first install phantomJs. Then, you can use the "convert.js" wrapper:

phantomjs convert.js dist/assets/manifest.json assets/resources/example.caaml SimpleProfile SVG

(simply call convert.js without arguments in order to get a help message).

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