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Establish the specifications of a profiles viewer

Here I would like to see a list of needs what a profile viewer should be able to do. Please feel free to add and to change/specify the list. It is planned that Matthias Gerber, the future ASARC programmer (see job announcement) and probably a third person paid by the SLF will work on these needs.

copied task from the requirement page

CAAML profile viewer - software that can visualize CAAML profiles and is suitable for desktop and web applications. This software should be easy to modify so that it can grow with changing requirements.

List of needs

  • Zoom in to certain layers to track their parameters
  • Visualize the temporal development of modelled profiles or specific layers
  • Create easy to interpret profiles for practitioners of single time steps (in a similar look-and-feel as SnowPro, option for 0 HS at the surface)
  • ...