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Establish the specifications of a profiles viewer

Collaborative philosophy

We can continue individual development, but look for ways to collaborate and leverage resources. When we can collaborate, we should attempt to create clear, attainable goals with timelines. In general, we should select a platform(s) that both allows us to use our current in-house resources and collaborate with other groups. We should attempt to use open-source packages so that many groups can use the results and so that we can continue to use them as our employment status changes.


Here are the tasks that we should accomplish:

  • Create an online resource for exchanging ideas, code, and tracking projects
  • SNOWPACK output - standard output that includes both numerical element and aggregated levels/layers exists in the version of the model version to be used
  • CAAML output - ensure SNOWPACK and observational datasets are available in the IACS-CAAML format
  • CAAML profile viewer - software that can visualize CAAML profiles and is suitable for desktop and web applications. This software should be easy to modify so that it can grow with changing requirements.
  • SNOWPACK output - software that can display many elements of model output including the temporal development of successive model simulations. This software should be easy to modify so that it can grow with changing requirements.

Detailed requirements

  • Zoom in to certain layers to track their parameters
  • Visualize the temporal development of modelled profiles or specific layers
  • Create easy to interpret profiles for practitioners of single time steps (in a similar look-and-feel as SnowPro, option for 0 HS at the surface)
  • ...