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Requirements for runnning and/or developing SnopViz

Running SnopViz

For running SnopViz, it is only required to have a browser with the following abilities:

  • javascript >= 1.8.5 (EcmaScript 5.1 compliant)
  • CSS >= 3
  • html >= 5

You can go to or kangax to check the capabilities of a specific browser. You can also redirect the users who have disabled javascript to through the noscript tag.

Practically, the following browsers are supported:

  • firefox >= 33.0
  • Safari >= 5.1
  • Internet Explorer >= 11.0
  • Chrome >= 38

Developing SnopViz

In order to develop SnopViz, you need a recent version of node.js as well as bower and GNU Make installed on your system. Consult the file in the projects's root directory.

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