niViz Git Change Log

Age Message
1 year 6 months Fix for issue 800: number version visible in help. This version number is simply the latest annotated git tag of the master branch. Furthermore compile time and a link to the change log is displayed
1 year 6 months BarGraph: making PNG and SVG rendering look almost the same
1 year 6 months Printing graphs: making sure document title is not altered by printing
1 year 6 months Fix for issue 600: print title of the plot. Note that you need to turn on printing header and footer in the browser's print dialog.
1 year 6 months Rangegraph: make sure there is no burned in zoom area
1 year 6 months Fix for issue 820: SMET file not displayed when no longitude/latitude in header
1 year 6 months BarGraph: PNG rendering rollout - when using the bargraph to visualize profiles while hovering above the timeline a fast PNG rendering algorithm draws the profile, if the mouse is still for 500ms the image is drawn as SVG
1 year 6 months SimpleProfile: removing the _draw function - rendering the bargraph immediately when receiving a new profile
1 year 6 months Changing the hatched pattern algorithms
1 year 6 months Adding autoscale menu options to dictionaries
1 year 6 months Fix for issue 614: scaling priorities with regard to MeteoGraph: autoscale can be configured and has the highest priority, user settings in the Meteo tab take the second priority - settings with regard to plot dimensions that are encoded in the SMET…
1 year 6 months Another fix for issue 782: when exporting a png the 'zoom out' button is now masked
1 year 6 months Merge branch 'master' of
1 year 6 months Fix for issue 770: export of niViz profiles (csv) includes meta data now
1 year 6 months Fixed problem with jumping back to page when clicking on an image.
1 year 7 months In help.pug - added quick links to the top of the page - fixed link to API doc - added picture and commentary for CAAML settings - added gif for simple profile table parameters - added comment for grouping parameters in time series
1 year 7 months fixed broken links, changed image for profile creation and added picture for PROparser and changed some image heights
1 year 7 months Replaced wrong image and added more explanation for the Settings menu
1 year 7 months Added chapter synchronization of timelines and timeseries in help.pug
1 year 7 months Added different sections in help.pug for easier maneuvering
1 year 8 months The user documentation has been updated by Tobias Zumsteg

Now with animated gifs, more explanations and up to date with the
current version of niviz
2 years 1 month Fixing scrolling problem meteograph
2 years 1 month Rangegraph and meteograph implementation of vertical zoom - 1. attempt
2 years 1 month Adding info about Apache config to
2 years 1 month Fix for issue 702: webkit rendering issue. Webkit cannot deal with gradient urls that are pestered with base href url, therefore we abolish base href and instead introduce absolute links.