niViz Git Change Log

Age Message
7 months 14 hours Fixing fsevents resultion bug for node 12 - upgrading to node 12
7 months 16 hours Cleanup
7 months 16 hours Change max_snowheight_hint in settings
7 months 19 hours CSS Resize class transformable introduced, updating layout to flexbox
7 months 19 hours Groundwork to allow resizing of time series graph
7 months 3 days UI: Allowing for gzipped files to be opened, they are unpacked and then parsed as usual
8 months 17 days Added SMET standard colors to the timeseries

So the defaults are now the same as SMET defaults (by the way, OSWR will
have to be renamed as RSWR, synchronized with smet).
9 months 16 days Fix for issue 785: Entering ram profile with prior setting of snow height should work now
9 months 16 days Timeline: refactoring code - reconfigure method used for repainting y-axis when zooming
9 months 16 days Fix for issue 842: Zoom selection in timeline now same as enlarged area
9 months 16 days Fix for issue 853: rename settings tab for time series
9 months 16 days Meteographer bugfix: make sure graph rerenders when settings have been changed
9 months 16 days Fix for issue 614: time series graph can either apply user settings or plot (i.e. SMET file) settings for choosing min/max, color, units, etc - autoscale can be turned on and off independently.
9 months 17 days Bugfix: autoscale off in general settings now works again
9 months 17 days Fix for issue 724: Renaming menu entry 'Timelines' to 'View'
9 months 17 days BarGraph bugfix: remove frozen bubble, see issue 444
9 months 20 days Fix for issue 658: Change order of profiles in profile editor
9 months 20 days Adding angular-drag-and-drop-lists library
9 months 20 days BarGraph: fix for Safari browser, PNG rendering
9 months 22 days Fix for issue 800: number version visible in help. This version number is simply the latest annotated git tag of the master branch. Furthermore compile time and a link to the change log is displayed
9 months 22 days BarGraph: making PNG and SVG rendering look almost the same
9 months 23 days Printing graphs: making sure document title is not altered by printing
9 months 23 days Fix for issue 600: print title of the plot. Note that you need to turn on printing header and footer in the browser's print dialog.
9 months 23 days Rangegraph: make sure there is no burned in zoom area
9 months 23 days Fix for issue 820: SMET file not displayed when no longitude/latitude in header