niViz Git Change Log

Age Message
1 day 45 minutes Spanish translation
4 days 9 hours More corrections to the Italian translation
6 days 2 hours Unescaped characters in the Italian translation...
6 days 3 hours Italian translation update 1
11 days 5 hours Adding some scripts to prepare translation files
11 days 5 hours Updated the remaining dictionaries to be ready for further translation
11 days 22 hours Sorting the translation files for easy compare and merge
11 days 22 hours Sorting the translation files for easy compare and merge
24 days 19 hours MobileProfile: beautifying the zigzag
25 days 17 hours MobileProfile: no ES2015 features
25 days 18 hours MobileProfile: adding zigzag
25 days 20 hours convert-native.js: illustrating how to add 50px of margin at the top of the MobileProfile
25 days 20 hours MobileProfile: when used with jsdom, getBBox() does not work - thus a simple algorithm to break up the comment text after a certain number of characters is used
25 days 23 hours MobileProfile: properties to constructor now override default settings
25 days 23 hours MobileProfile: option to add a margin at the top of SVG called margin_top, in pixels
26 days 41 minutes lib/graphs/visuals.js Fixing comments
26 days 1 hour SVG generation: improving the regexp generating the SVG
26 days 1 hour MobileProfile: Adding multiline comments
1 month 6 hours Merge branch 'master' of
1 month 6 hours MobileProfile: Dealing with min temp exactly -1.0°C correctly
1 month 4 days Now all strings that need to be translated should be referenced in french.js
1 month 11 days MobileProfile: Bugfix for temperature grid
2 months 5 days SimpleProfile: removing red arrow for critical layer and adding info as comment to comments in TabularProfile. TabularProfile: comments now alligned with the stratigraphic parameters
2 months 5 days TabularProfile: Allow comments to span at least 5 lines - note: this might lead to ugly results in case of overlapping comments
2 months 7 days MobileProfile: Marking the critical layer more precisely - top third / bottom third or complete layer