niViz Git Change Log

Age Message
9 days 18 hours Bug fixes regarding issue 782
9 days 20 hours Fix for issue 793
9 days 20 hours Fix for issue 793
9 days 23 hours Simple profile: allow switching of parameter graphs even when there is no data in the current profile
9 days 23 hours Header comments: bugfix when there is no stratigraphy present
1 month 22 days Profile editor: adding translations for the impurity profile editor
1 month 22 days Adding the option to deal with impurities according to CAAML6 standard - profile editor as well as CAAML 6 serialization and parsing
1 month 23 days Profile editor: adding export for ramm
1 month 23 days Profile editor: adding export functionality to temp, density, ssa, lwc and smp
1 month 23 days Profile editor: added a possibility to export the density profile as csv file
2 months 19 days SimpleProfile in non-miniature mode, does not need async drawing
2 months 19 days English dict update
2 months 19 days Save as modal: adding autofocus
2 months 19 days Adding a save as modal dialog - called whenever a file is saved in the browser
2 months 19 days Timeline: exported svg had a missing namespace: xlink
2 months 19 days SimpleProfile: attempt at making rendering quicker
2 months 21 days SimpleProfile: adding a date label in miniature mode
2 months 21 days Merge branch 'master' of
2 months 21 days Timeline view: grainshape legend was lacking MFcr - added MFcr to legend
4 months 29 days SimpleProfile: added settings option to use HHI index as primary axis instead of hardness in Newton
5 months 1 day convert-native.js example now includes a switching to hhi index scale on the primary x-axis of the SimpleProfile
5 months 1 day Adapting convert-native.js to show how to create natively SimpleProfile PNGs with comments in header
5 months 1 day TabularProfile: Adding the capability to display layer comments in the header instead of the layer table (saving space)
5 months 1 day niviz lib: visuals need to be loaded before the header
5 months 2 days SimpleProfile: merging in the possibility to use hhindex as primary index (instead of hardness in Newton)