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blob .bowerrc 5 years 2 months Sylvester Keil: make use of bower implicit 28 bytes
blob .eslintignore 3 years 7 months thoems: Adding an eslintignore file to set files that shall not be tested by eslint 23 bytes
blob .eslintrc 1 year 11 months thoems: Further eslinting 4.11 kB
blob .gitignore 9 months 23 days thoems: Git ignore update for OSX 371 bytes
blob .jshintrc 4 years 11 months Sylvester Keil: caaml wip 2.14 kB
blob assets.js 1 year 11 months thoems: Renaming SnopViz to niViz 2.63 kB
blob assets.json 9 months 17 days thoems: Reverting to bower canvg.bundle 658 bytes
blob bower.json 9 months 14 days thoems: We need to revert to angular 1.6.x as the ui-router does not work properly with angular 1.7.x 634 bytes
blob build.js 1 year 10 months thoems: build.js: adding the full.html generation, basically a copy of index.html 3.26 kB
blob convert-native.js 5 months 1 day thoems: convert-native.js example now includes a switching to hhi index scale on the primary x-axis of the SimpleProfile 3.67 kB
blob convert.js 1 year 10 days thoems: Enhancing the convert.js script - we can now output PNGs, CAAMLs and of course SVGs 3.92 kB
blob LICENSE 5 years 3 months Sylvester Keil: initial setup 34.50 kB
blob makefile 1 year 5 days Mathias Bavay: Updated French dictionary and now always generating the manifest.json, even with 'make dist' 2.10 kB
blob package.json 7 months 29 days Mathias Bavay: Now all strings that need to be translated should be referenced in french.js 1.36 kB
blob 1 year 11 months thoems: README update 1.14 kB
blob server.js 1 year 10 months thoems: Adding the user help 1.85 kB
blob webpack.config.js 1 year 10 months thoems: niviz bundles are copied to dist/lib 472 bytes
blob yuidoc.json 1 year 1 month thoems: Fixing yuidoc compilation and making sure local niviz works 149 bytes

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