snowpack Svn Change Log

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1 day 6 hours There was a problem on osX that it would only compile against the SDK version of the system doing the build. As I was often lagging way behind, this was not a problem but now that I've updated to the latest version, older versions of osX could not r…
Commit 1878, by Mathias Bavay
15 days 6 hours Unfortunatelly, the results of the tests still depend on the machine it is running on... Moving to a new CI server means new reference files (although these are now much closer to the results I get on my own desktop).
Commit 1877, by Mathias Bavay
26 days 6 hours Changing the hostname for the Continuous Integration
Commit 1876, by Mathias Bavay
27 days 2 hours Improving the FindMeteoIO.cmake and FindLibsnowpack.cmake: it now gives priority to installations close by and should better handle when it is not found
Commit 1875, by Mathias Bavay
1 month 5 days Hoping to finally get the valgrind tests right...
Commit 1874, by Mathias Bavay
1 month 9 days Suppressing bash's output for Valgrind
Commit 1873, by Mathias Bavay
1 month 11 days TRying to only perform ctest_memcheck on the snowpack binaries, not on the bash scripts that evaluate the energy balance, etc
Commit 1872, by Mathias Bavay
1 month 12 days Bug fix in glacier detection for cases without soil (in which case size_t SoilNode-1 will wrap around...)
Commit 1871, by Nander Wever
1 month 12 days TRying to get Snowpack to pack all dlls it needs on Windows
Commit 1870, by Mathias Bavay
1 month 13 days Striving to make all cmake files as similar as possible between the different projects. Moreover, there was a bug leading to some gcc DLLs not to be packaged on Windows. They are now statically linked.
Commit 1869, by Mathias Bavay
1 month 16 days Cosmetic changes and fixed some warnings
Commit 1868, by Mathias Bavay
1 month 16 days Addition of the ice reservoir parameterization (Quéno et al., Deep ice layer formation in an alpine snowpack: monitoring and modelling, The Cryosphere, 2020).
Commit 1867, by Louis Quéno
1 month 17 days Updated the lsm file and the manifest packaging file
Commit 1866, by Mathias Bavay
1 month 17 days Tagging release 3.6.0
Commit 1865, by Mathias Bavay
1 month 18 days Merging trunk commits 1842, 1843, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1847, 1848, 1849 (TechSnow module), 1851, 1859, 1863 (RPATH handling and version number), 1853, 1854, 1855 (ACDD support in Smet files), 1856 (skip sno outputs in most examples), 1858, 1860, 1861,…
Commit 1864, by Mathias Bavay
1 month 18 days Updated the documentation's version to 3.6.0
Commit 1863, by Mathias Bavay
1 month 18 days Fixed some documentation bugs
Commit 1862, by Mathias Bavay
1 month 18 days Disabled Inishell bundling since on Windows too it will not be that easy to do...
Commit 1861, by Mathias Bavay
1 month 19 days Similar handling of Inishell as in MeteoIO but on osx, no error message is returned so the other components can still be bundled
Commit 1860, by Mathias Bavay
1 month 19 days Snowpack's version has been bumped to 3.6.0. The linker flags for RPATH were still a little wrong: GNU ld does not support @executable_path but $ORIGIN, so now a test for the platform is performed in order to use one or the other variant. Inishell-n…
Commit 1859, by Mathias Bavay
1 month 29 days For some versions of some compilers, an include was missing...
Commit 1858, by Mathias Bavay
2 months 17 days Prevent calculations with nodata.
Commit 1857, by Nander Wever
3 months 3 days Changed some default options: now most example don't write the snow files
Commit 1856, by Mathias Bavay
3 months 3 days Added the ACDD_WRITE key to SnowpackConfig
Commit 1855, by Mathias Bavay
3 months 3 days Added the correct history key for acdd
Commit 1854, by Mathias Bavay

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