snowpack Svn Change Log

Age Message
11 days 15 hours porting trunk commit 1820 (fixed a bug in TechSnow)
Commit 1821, by Mathias Bavay
11 days 15 hours The check to decide if it is time to perform snow preparation was never called in Alpine3D... the interface has been slightly changed and it should now work properly both for Snowpack and Alpine3D
Commit 1820, by Mathias Bavay
21 days 7 hours Providing a version of the script that works with older versions of gawk.
Commit 1819, by Nander Wever
1 month 7 days The key METADATA_FROM_SNO has been renamed as SLOPE_FROM_SNO and the documentation (and behavior) accordingly updated. What it does should now be clearer...
Commit 1818, by Mathias Bavay
1 month 8 days More documentation, fixed some invalid constants in the snow density and adjusted the water losses and preparation starting time
Commit 1817, by Pirmin Ebner
1 month 10 days Fixing some white spaces that make my diff output confusing.
Commit 1816, by Nander Wever
2 months 4 days Correcting commit 1814, where some code slipped through that shouldn't have been committed.
Commit 1815, by Nander Wever
2 months 4 days Typos and more informative warning message.
Commit 1814, by Nander Wever
2 months 18 days Added some documentation about using spatial resampling in Snowpack
Commit 1813, by Mathias Bavay
2 months 18 days A new key has been created "METADATA_FROM_SNO" that allows to choose if the metadata should come from the sno file or from the meteorological data. This is very important for virtual stations as the user might want to force things such as the slope …
Commit 1812, by Mathias Bavay
2 months 29 days Porting stable commit 1810 so snowpack-dev is ready for inishell-ng
Commit 1811, by Mathias Bavay
2 months 30 days Now always flushing outputs to stdout so the new inishell can properly read these logs (and does not need to wait until the end of the simulation). The output formats for the run progression has been slightly altered: the julian date is not shown an…
Commit 1810, by Mathias Bavay
3 months 11 days Small improvement.
Commit 1809, by Nander Wever
3 months 12 days Adding a useful script to shift sno files in time, to be able to start SNOWPACK at the wished timestamp.
Commit 1808, by Nander Wever
3 months 16 days Import the rime data from meteorological input to snow layer data
3 months 16 days Creating a branch for Japan
Commit 1806, by Mathias Bavay
3 months 17 days Fixed indentation and warnings
Commit 1805, by Mathias Bavay
3 months 17 days remove commit 1804
3 months 17 days add lwc_hn
3 months 17 days add dsm to restart and add setting ini file to include riming index and water content of snowfall for meteorological input
3 months 19 days Added a few more variables in SmetIO that are necessary for the upcoming NIED outputs
Commit 1801, by Mathias Bavay
3 months 26 days Commit 1791 removed some lines of code which turned out to be pretty important. Reintroducing them.
Commit 1800, by Nander Wever
4 months 30 days Reverting part of commit 1798, by setting zero flux lower boundary condition for diffusion to false.
Commit 1799, by Nander Wever
5 months 4 hours Some improvements for salinity transport, including an upstream implementation of the upper and lower boundary conditions for advection. Setting the lower boundary diffusion to a zero-flux boundary condition also seems to improve the stability.
Commit 1798, by Nander Wever
5 months 4 hours Fixing clumsy commit 1795
Commit 1797, by Nander Wever

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