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tree applications 3 months 3 days 1853 bavay: Now ACDD metadata is supported in SMetIO for timeseries. It will be refined in the next commits though
tree bin 9 years 2 months 89 bavay: The version brings together snowpack-opera and libsnowpack. Now the user can choose in cmake if he wants to compile snowpack standalone or only the library. The examples from snowpack-opera have been copied here. An embryo of welcome page for the documentation has been written, the doxygen config file updated, and some missing directories created. A proper reporting of the versions used has been implemented along the lines of the last MeteoIO commit. Basic package building works. The Windows and Mac versions still have to be tested, though.
tree doc 3 months 3 days 1856 bavay: Changed some default options: now most example don't write the snow files
tree lib 10 years 21 days 2 egger: A first version of the new libsnowpack
tree snowpack 1 month 13 days 1869 bavay: Striving to make all cmake files as similar as possible between the different projects. Moreover, there was a bug leading to some gcc DLLs not to be packaged on Windows. They are now statically linked.
tree tests 15 days 6 hours 1877 bavay: Unfortunatelly, the results of the tests still depend on the machine it is running on... Moving to a new CI server means new reference files (although these are now much closer to the results I get on my own desktop).
tree tools 27 days 3 hours 1875 bavay: Improving the FindMeteoIO.cmake and FindLibsnowpack.cmake: it now gives priority to installations close by and should better handle when it is not found
blob CMakeLists.txt 1 day 7 hours 1878 bavay: There was a problem on osX that it would only compile against the SDK version of the system doing the build. As I was often lagging way behind, this was not a problem but now that I've updated to the latest version, older versions of osX could not run the binaries. Now compatibility with SDK version 10.13 (High Sierra) is enforced and cmake is required to be at least 3.0.2. 19.22 kB
blob COPYING 10 years 21 days 2 egger: A first version of the new libsnowpack 35.15 kB
blob COPYING.LESSER 10 years 21 days 2 egger: A first version of the new libsnowpack 34.52 kB
blob License.txt 10 years 21 days 2 egger: A first version of the new libsnowpack 7.65 kB
blob Readme.txt 5 years 21 days 822 bavay: porting dev commit 821 529 bytes
blob snowpack.lsm 1 month 17 days 1866 bavay: Updated the lsm file and the manifest packaging file 610 bytes
blob Welcome.txt 8 years 3 months 239 bavay: Trying to improve packaging on Windows: widlcard issue for getting libmeteoio, updated welcome message 2.16 kB

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