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Jul 1, 2014
7 years 3 months Investigations in spring settling and snow melt revealed a not so nice behaviour of the top snow layer. Merge only suppressed now in case both miminum ice criterion and minimum element length are met. Seem to slightly improve melt curves.
Commit 603, by Nander Wever
Jun 30, 2014
7 years 3 months Trying to improve the phase changes in soil when using richards equation by changing a faulty approach. It's still not really nice, but in any case the modelled temperatures are better reproduced this way. Moreover, the energy balance for the soil pa
Commit 602, by Nander Wever
Jun 18, 2014
7 years 4 months In commit 517, a change in convergence criterion for the soil phase changes part accidentally slipped through. This problem is only on trunk, on branches/dev/ it's fine.
Commit 601, by Nander Wever
Jun 13, 2014
7 years 4 months Non convergence in soil freezing is now treated as a warning, instead of an error, because we try to repeat the time step with a smaller time step.
Commit 600, by Nander Wever
Jun 12, 2014
7 years 4 months I never noticed that my simulations with Richards equation for snow were actually never forming surface hoar... So now it does.
Commit 599, by Nander Wever
7 years 4 months Because the "soil type" name "ALPINE3D" was confusing (has basically nothing to do with alpine3d), I renamed it to SNOFILE. Then, it takes the grain size specified in the sno-file to define the soil types. This should be the default option. I also ch
Commit 598, by Nander Wever
7 years 4 months Big and important change to ReSolver, mainly to get a better energy balance and a more realistic soil freezing process. Heat advection by flowing water is now taken into account. Adaptation of element and nodal temperature postponed as much as possib
Commit 597, by Nander Wever
7 years 4 months An important update for the Phase Change routines with a better integration with richards equation solver to achieve a better energy balance in the soil.
Commit 596, by Nander Wever
7 years 4 months More consistency in the surface energy balance scheme: limit qs and ql only in case of explicit boundary conditions. In the implicit case, the exchange coefficient determine the actual flux, so limiting the fluxes in that case are basically only a po
Commit 595, by Nander Wever
7 years 4 months Add the data structures that are necessary to deal with apparent changes in internal energy when soil with a freezing point depression is in freezing state. The difference in heat capacity between ice and water is a source or sink of internal energy.
Commit 594, by Nander Wever
7 years 4 months A better approach to calculate soil heat flux. Note that there can be a discrepancy in the soil heat flux from the perspective of the soil and the perspective of the snow. This approach averages both perspectiives.
Commit 593, by Nander Wever
7 years 4 months It's a better approach to always have 273.15K as reference temperature, and not the freezing point depression in case of soil freezing.
Commit 592, by Nander Wever
Jun 10, 2014
7 years 4 months backporting stable commits 580, 583 and 587 (removing an unnecessary #ifdef and some whitespaces fixes)
Commit 591, by Mathias Bavay
Jun 6, 2014
7 years 4 months Repairing the mess I created. sn_dt is not necessary in collectsurfacefluxes()! The mess originates from the confusion about the units of MS_RAIN.
Commit 590, by Nander Wever
7 years 4 months This commit is very important to be able to determine the energy balance of the soil. I made the mistake by not taking into account water added and removed from the soil, which is basically a source/sink for the heat capacity of the soil. The differe
Commit 589, by Nander Wever
Jun 5, 2014
7 years 4 months To provide more information about the energy balance, the output section is improved. It now provides comparable values, like the averaged error of the energy balance over the whole period, expressed as a true W/m^2, as well as the error expressed as
Commit 588, by Nander Wever
Jun 3, 2014
7 years 4 months Using proper pre-processor defines; removing unnecessary #ifdef and some whitespaces in ReSolver1d
Commit 587, by Mathias Bavay
May 29, 2014
7 years 4 months Follow up on R564: an additional prerequisite to suppress merging of wet top layers, to prevent extremely light elements.
Commit 586, by Nander Wever
7 years 4 months Follow up on R584, where I took the wrong threshold.
Commit 585, by Nander Wever
7 years 4 months Make sure the Yamaguchi 2012 parameterization remains in numerically stable bounds.
Commit 584, by Nander Wever

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