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Jan 13, 2014
5 years 10 months Finally, the 5 expositions test works properly and has a sane structure. The necessary build code has been added for CAAMLIO.
Commit 505, by Mathias Bavay
Jan 10, 2014
5 years 10 months A documentation warning has been fixed. The examples have been cleaned-up (removing commented out lines). The res1exp and massbalance test now properly work and don't use multiple copies of the same files.
Commit 504, by Mathias Bavay
5 years 10 months The implementation of E. Schmucki's albedo parameterization needed refinements. Now a version using the classical grain size and one using the optical equivalent grain size are implemented.
Commit 503, by Charles Fierz
Jan 8, 2014
5 years 10 months Hunting down numerical stability issues in Alpine3D with Richards Equation for snow: - theta_r was not exactly determined as described in the paper in case of refreezing snow. This is now changed. - it is much more consistent to set the lower limit o
Commit 502, by Nander Wever
Jan 4, 2014
5 years 10 months Change to soil freezing/thawing for Richards equation. Temperature change of soil due to phase changes is stored in a temporary variable, so in case of a rewind of the time step, we can nicely undo the soil phase changes in the temperature array. Thi
Commit 501, by Nander Wever
5 years 10 months Solving a problem with sublimation of surface hoar in the top layer in case of using Richards equation.
Commit 500, by Nander Wever
5 years 10 months Correcting a typo when setting soil parameters.
Commit 499, by Nander Wever
Dec 30, 2013
5 years 10 months SW_MODE is now a string and named either INCOMING, REFLECTED, or BOTH. This change makes modulo arithemic not longer possible, but I guess *.inp files with only one radiation flux are rarely found today.
Commit 498, by Charles Fierz
5 years 10 months This is now a hopefully well tested commit that finalizes the introduction of a SNOW_EROSION switch acting only on the main station and SNOW_REDISTRIBUTION acting on virtual slopes only. Unless NUMBER_SLOPES is set to 1 and SNOW_EROSION is true, the
Commit 497, by Charles Fierz
Dec 21, 2013
5 years 10 months A SOS Xmas commit (will be described later by H.C.G. Fierz)
Commit 496, by Charles Fierz
Dec 20, 2013
5 years 10 months Switching to DGESVD solver when DGTSV fails is not always preferred, as DGESVD can be so slow, that a smaller time step and trying DGTSV again works faster. This is especially the case in simulations with many layers. Now this can be controlled with
Commit 495, by Nander Wever
Dec 19, 2013
5 years 10 months Implementation of the liquid water index for virtual north and south slopes (dumped to SDBO only). Surface hoar at the surface (nodal property) also shows up in dumped profiles (PRF and IMIS). Rename new_snow_grain_rad and new_snow_bond_rad to *_size
Commit 494, by Charles Fierz
Dec 16, 2013
5 years 11 months Implement Edgar Schmucki's new albedo parameterization (SCHMUCKI, version X32 is set) thereby moving element property rg_opt to ogs, that is twice the former value ;-) New keys SNOW_ALBEDO, ALBEDO_PARAMETERIZATION, ALBEDO_FIXEDVALUE Renamed quite a n
Commit 493, by Charles Fierz
Dec 15, 2013
Commit 492, by Charles Fierz
Dec 11, 2013
5 years 11 months New approach for determining the residual water content when solving water transport in snow using Richards equation. Just taking theta_r=0 was causing a too big error in wet snow covers, so something different was needed.
Commit 491, by Nander Wever
5 years 11 months When CHANGE_BC=false, there is no need to make THRESH_CHANGE_BC mandatory...
Commit 490, by Mathias Bavay
Dec 10, 2013
5 years 11 months The Calonne (2012) parameterization of saturated hydraulic conductivity provides a better agreement with measured runoff at CDP and WFJ, so I make it the default. Furthermore, it is better to use the rg_opt for Calonne, instead of rg, as the first on
Commit 489, by Nander Wever
Dec 9, 2013
5 years 11 months Introducing the Calonne (2012) parameterization for hydraulic conductivity. So now, one can choose between Shimizu (1970) and Calonne (2012).
Commit 488, by Nander Wever
5 years 11 months The van Genuchten parameters used for Richards equation needed adequate referencing, so a revision was necessary, as I could not find the original source. I now use the ROSETTA data for the soil types, which is widely used.
Commit 487, by Nander Wever
5 years 11 months Making the air entry pressure variable. It depends on a maximum pore size, which can be specified now differently from the standard 5mm for each soil layer or the snowpack.
Commit 486, by Nander Wever

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