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How to compile Inishell from source code


Once you have the source code of Inishell on your computer (either from downloading a source package or from performing a git clone, see Getting-Inishell), you can compile it.



Since Inishell is written in C++ with the Qt toolkit, you need a C++ compiler (such as g++ on Linux, cland on osX, Visual C++ on Windows or Code::Blocks on all platforms) and to install Qt (when running Inishell from a pre-compile package, the Qt library is included).

  • On Linux, you can simply install the Qt development packages (on Debian, you need build-essential, make, qttools5-dev-tools, libqt5xmlpatterns5-dev);
  • on other platforms (such as osX and Windows), you need to download and install QtCreator. If you don't already have a license, take the Open Source version installer and install Qt.


Depending on your platform, you can either open the project file in QtCreator and from there compile Inishell or compile it from the command line. In such a case, run first "qmake", then "make".

Running your compiled version

The compiled version is found in the "build" subdirectory.

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